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ExtraTerrestrial Healing ET-Healing
14. 01. 18
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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Many people are familiar with energy healing methods such as Reiki, Qigong or any of the other known forms. More recently, Reconnective Healing came to this planet with the help of an enlightened group of extraterrestrial beings. Since 2000, more and more healers have been working with or under the guidance of an extraterrestrial team of beings and this is something completely different, incomparable to any other method.

ET-Healing Session

On the page 'The origin of ET-Healing' you may already have read more about what ET-Healing actually is and on the page 'Our Team' you can read more about us. On this page we tell something more about what is likely to happen during an ET-Healing session.

During an ET-Healing session you can feel how and where these extraterrestrial beings are working on your body. You can experience sensations such as local changes in gravity, more or less pressure, you can see colours, experience tingling and much more, but all in a very gentle way.
Sometimes fingers, hands or other parts of your body can move as a result of small muscle contractions without you consciously doing so.
This may sound a bit scary, but these extraterrestrial beings are really very loving and caring.
The most important experience of all is that you come into contact with their love and kindness, you feel it, it lifts you, it heals you and transforms the way we have learned to think about them.
And this wonderful feeling comes as a bonus on top of the healing you actually came for!

What happens during an ET-Healing Session

During the ET-Healing session you lie on your back on a massage table with your shoes off.
You don't have to do anything else other than just close your eyes and relax.
I will connect with Joel, my ET Guide, and the extraterrestrial team and many people can feel it immediately as soon as the healing begins.
The energies start flowing in some parts of your body, you may feel differences in temperature, tingling, sometimes you may feel as if your body or parts of your body are being lifted from the table or as if it is being pressed down on or becoming heavier.
Sometimes I am at your head side and you may feel as if someone is lovingly touching your feet.
I will not touch you and yet sometimes you really feel that you are being touched.
That is not me, but this is the extraterrestrial team in action.

Just observe what you feel.
It is even better not to do anything at all and just allow the process to take its course.

It is also better not to want to direct the process itself, the extraterrestrial team know what is needed and know what can and should be done. Possibly better than ourselves, they look at us from a far more comprehensive perspective.
This is because the team does not just focus on symptoms that we are aware of, but instead they focus directly on the source of these symptoms which is often hidden in subconscious layers of our system.

I will share with you what the extraterrestrial team is doing and will ask you what you are experiencing.
You can also ask questions to the extraterrestrial team or Joel via me.
This way you can communicate with these extraterrestrial beings!

Some people can also see these extraterrestrial beings themselves.
If so, please let me know what you see, hear or experience even though it may seem too bizarre to tell.
We are used to it, really, you should know ...

Duration of an ET-Healing session

An ET-healing session takes about 1 hour, including 10 minutes intake and 10 minutes evaluation and normally takes place by appointment with Jacqueline in our healing center in Wolfheze, the Netherlands but can definitely be done remotely as well.
In very exceptional cases an ET-healing session can also be done on location.

Our ET-healing sessions are always recorded in audio (MP3) and made available to you afterwards, because during the healing a lot of valuable information is provided by the extraterrestrial team.
However, during the session you can really be in a completely different state (really a different dimension) and after the healing session it is sometimes difficult to remember anything when you return to this reality.
Like waking up from a clear dream and after a while you just can't recall the dream.
Listening to the recording often brings you back into the healing session as well !

Price of an ET-Healing session

Information about our prices can be found on our page 'Fair prices'.


Normally the ET-healing session takes place in one of our healing centers, but sometimes it is just not possible for people to come here.
In many situations it is also not required that the healer stands next to the client to provide an ET-healing session.
The extraterrestrials can come to you in a flash. For them time and distance are very different from what it is for us in our dimension.

Distant ET-Healing Session

Another option is a form that is called "Distant ET-healing session " and just like the session in our practice, this session is recorded in MP3 format as well and sent to the client, so that the information that the ETs pass on to us is just as available.
Usually during the session there is contact between the ET-Healer and the client so that questions can be asked directly to the extraterrestrial team.

This contact can be in the form of skype (or a similar form of contact with video) but can also take the form of a telephone call.
A Distant ET-Healing session is of course also possible without any contact with the client and in that case it is useful that the ET-Healing Practitioner receives the questions in advance, so that during the session specific questions can be asked in this way.

Our experience is that the results of a Distant ET-healing session are certainly as good as those of sessions at our location.
The client is usually at home in his / her familiar environment, has not traveled and can usually relax very quickly.
During the session, the client is kindly invited to relax.

Most clients also experience the energies flowing from a distance, the changes and sensations in their bodies, and even during a Distant ET-healing session people often feel their presence in the room.
All in all, the reasons why more and more people are opting for a Distant ET-healing session and are saving themselves the trip to one of our physical locations.
Especially for all our international clients, Distant ET-Healing sessions are a wonderfull option.


Healing may take place in a split second. However, in many cases healing just takes time, just like the development of a disease does.
Also realise that disease has a lesson in it and that the extraterrestrial beings will not just take the ailment away without the lesson being learned.
And simply solving a complaint could mean that the person will miss his/her lesson.
Doing so would not benefit the person in the long run.
Suppose someone has suffered for years and the problem is taken away just before the information comes to the consciousness, that's like taking a marathon runner out of the game just a hundred meters before the finish line.
In some situations, the extraterrestrial beings may help by making the process more bearable or by making the insight clearer and leave the rest of the process up to the selfhealing abilities of the clients system.
Therefore, a great deal of information is also provided during the session, precisely in order to get the origin of the 'dis-ease' (imbalance) into the consciousness.
But if the lesson has already been learned and the complaints no longer have any function on the current way of life, then the extraterrestrials help without any hesitation and the healing will take place immediately.


We highly respect the work of our regular health care, physicians and specialists!
We do not want to suggest in any way that our aid is a substitute for the treatment or medication they provide.
We would like to emphasise to everyone that they should always consult their general practitioner or treating specialist before coming to the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine for a healing session.
We do not see our work as an alternative to regular care, but as complementary to regular healthcare.
We do not make any medical claims, we do not make any health claims and we do not give any guarantees on a desired outcome.

With our name of Healing Centre Beyond Medicine, we not only aim to make it clear that we work without medication (only perform purely energetic work), but also that we only do so after the process of regular care when helping our clients.

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