7. Online ET-Healing Practitioner Program

Online ET-Healing Practitioner Program
18. 05. 18
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet

For all light workers who yearn for reunification with their star family but who are unable to participate in the ET-Healing Practitioner Programme here in the Netherlands or France due to distance or other reasons, we offer an individual, online trajectory by personal guidance through the proces of making contact and co-creating healing sessions with these benevolent extraterrestrial beings.

Why offering an online ET-Healing Practitioner Program 

Since we started our ET-Healing training programme for groups in the Netherlands in 2014, we have been asked many times whether we can offer something in one way or another for people who live abroad or who do not have the opportunity to be physically present on the training days.
In the beginning we were rather reluctant about this because we know that working, practicing and sharing experiences in a group is one of the success factors in experiencing and trusting what can happen during ET-Healing sessions and in the cooperation with these extraterrestrial beings.
Practicing with each other is such an important factor in personal growth, healing and learning to trust yourself in working with these beings and integrating these frequencies that we actually saw no way of achieving this individually and remotely.

Another reason is that most participants in the groups start all kinds of personal and group processes that require guidance, both during and after the training days.
All kinds of old fragments literally come into the light of these high frequencies and get a new chance of transformation.
That's why we say over and over again ... when you start working as an ET-Healing Practitioner, you are your own first client.
And working with a group like the one in the ET-Healing Practitioner Programme is therefor so beneficial.

Nevertheless, we have started with a number of pilots in which we have been guiding participants in working as an ET-Healing Practitioner online, via skype or other form of telecommunication.
Participants from Canada, America, Australia and Portugal, whom we support step by step through individual sessions.

And even though these participants have more work to do by themselves than those in our groups, it works to our surprise far above expectations!
A participant with online guidance sent us this message ... MY FIRST ET-HEALING SESSION

That people can feel these energies, experience the contact with their guide, and get information, we had expected that to happen.
After all, we have been doing distance ET-Healing sessions since the very beginning, and that works just as well as it works when the client is with you.

But even working with the teams afterwards went more smoothly for most people than we had thought.And the personal processes do occur, though seem to come in a different dosage and that makes us fully confident that this is a workable form to bring this beautiful phenomenon even further into the world.

Points of attention for the participant

Of course, doing the online version does mean a number of extra points for the participant to pay attention to:

1- Make sure there are about 3-4 people in your area with whom you can work freely.
And then we mean that you can start ET-Healing sessions without there being any immediate expectations, having to perform or that you think you have to deliver something. It is precisely this pressure that causes the channel to squeeze off.

The best way is to be in a state of curiosity, fun, super-eagerness, excitement and gratitude ... then an incredibly amazing reality unfolds!
So look for people who are just as curious, as fun, as much interested and as grateful as you are.

2- The information that is shared by us and others during the days will now have to be obtained by the participant apart from the session. The group training days together total up to about 80 hours and the online program is only about 20 hours and therefore this requires more time and effort from the side of the participant to gain the information.

This mainly concerns the information that explains all kinds of things that show up during sessions.
A really different reality is opening up, and proper information provides a kind of framework about what that is and how it works.
We ourselves have learned to understand a lot about these worlds and have found many explanations for our experiences by looking at the material of, among others, Bashar and Kryon.

3- Keep an eye on your personal process and contact us if you need support.
Even though for most online participants it seems to be a more moderate process, it is possible that you could need support in the form of extra sessions for your own process in between.
And of course we are willing to support you in this. 


The online ET-Healing Practitioner Program

If you are familiar with us at Beyond Medicine (and otherwise you'll experience that automatically) ... we only use structures as a kind of framework, but always look at the needs of the participants and what presents itself as important or relevant at any given moment.
Structures, how important they can be, can also be a limitation or a constraint for something that is much larger or more relevant at a given moment so be aware that we then dare to let go of structures in order to receive what the greater good that might present itself.

The set up / structure below is therefore a guideline, but the accompaniment is at all times a co-creation of participant, us as facilitator and especially our extraterrestrial friends, because realize, they love playing, surprises and excitement!! 

Session 1 - In Contact

During this first session, you will be introduced to an extraterrestrial companion that will guide you specifically during the ET-Healing Sessions but will be in general a being that will support you in your spiritual evolution and experiences in these other realities.

We call it your ET Guide.
This ET Guide becomes, as it were, your personal friend and will be there for you during healing processes of yourself and others.
As with any friendship, ... your connection becomes deeper as you make contact more often and, above all, more openly.

And note … a large part of the work on this relationship is to be done by you!
Don't expect your guide to do it all for you. Your guide is a companion and a friend, not a slave you can tell what to do for you or how to behave.

Session 2 - STAND

There is actually no fixed form for cooperating with these extraterrestrial beings.
Everyone is different, has different soul agreements and we nor they force anyone to work in a certain way.
Precisely because of your uniqueness we challenge you to find your own form, because in that form you will be able to flow most effectively.

So we do not have a fixed method in learning to work together, but of all that we offer in our programs STAND comes closest.
STAND is synonymous with

- Surrender

Learning to surrender to the process and the letting go of control.
Wanting to have control is a reaction based on fear and is highly limiting to what is willing to unfold.

- Trust

First of all, learning to trust your Higher Self and from there to trust others.
Discovering who you are and from there making contact with others.

- Allow

Learning to allow yourself to be present even if you don't understand what is happening.
Learning to receive and give, learning to flow freely as receiving and giving are actually the same thing from a different perspective. 
- Notice

Learning to be an observer without immediately wanting to give meaning to the observed.
Letting go of the need for knowing everything.

- Do

Learning to play freely and discovering without knowing where it will take you.
Just like a young child exploring and discovering a new world full of wonder.
Knowing you can only experience a new world by acting on it.

Session 3 - The Art of Channeling

Learning to understand the mechanism of perceiving our own 3D-reality and from here learning to understand the way in which information from ET Guides enters our consciousness via the Higher Self (Higher Mind).
Learning to trust the information you are receiving can be challenging !

Session 4 - The Art of ET-Healing - Part I

Learning to understand the mechanism of each disease as an imbalance in the flow of energy and that every form of healing is in fact the process of re-establishing the resonance of body systems with its natural core frequency.
The ET teams are masters in determining the areas that are out-of-alignment and providing exactly those frequencies that can enable the person to return to his or her core frequency provided that the person is willing to embrace those excluded areas again unconditionally.
The ET teams only provide very precise frequencies, the rest is always up to the allowance of the person to absorp and integrate them as well as the information that might come with it.
As soon as you can fully realize this, you know that healing in a sense is always a form of self-healing.

Session 5 - The Art of ET-Healing - Part II

Now that we know more about the way healing works, the question comes for some clarity concerning the role of the ET-Healing Practitioner, the role of your ET Guide and the ET teams and, last but not least, the role of the client during the healing process.
Does every client always heal (instantly and in the way expected) or is it possible that a client does not (or cannot) heal at all?
Can these extraterrestrial teams heal everything you ask them for and do they want to?

Session 6 - Levels of Change

Understanding the structure of our own personality and how we create the physical experience with this personality with our beliefs, emotions and thoughts/actions.
To have a physical experience we need an ego. So is your ego a friend or an enemy?

Session  7 - Who Am I?

Despite the fact that the our personality is temporary and constantly changing, this is not really who we are.
It is a way of life in itself to constantly rediscover ourselves from a new perspective and at the same time there is always an indestructible, never-changing core. This personality structure is more or less adopted for the use of
discovering ourselves.
This never changing core of us is like the driving force behind what we want to experience, your passion is like your compass needle and your personality a kind of steering wheel that you can operate with your free will.
The central question in this section of the programme is ... who am I?

Session 8 - Your relationship with our Galactic Family

As we become more and more aware of who we are ourselves, the question of 'who are you' automatically comes up and the time comes to explore our connections with other beings and civilizations more deeply.
Because we can only experience ourselves through the connections and reflections of others, including our Star Families.
Who are they?
Why do they feel so familiar?
Why are they here?

Session 9 - Passion and Personal Theme's

Now that we are beginning to understand who we are and how we perceive (and create) our physical reality, the question is what you would like to be doing and how you want to show yourself in the world.
Finding answers on the question ... What is the most exciting and challenging way I want to express myself in the world and what stops me from doing so?
What is my unique way of bringing this Light and these frequencies into the world?
Is it healing for people, animals, environments ... or do you want to integrate it into yoga classes, massage sessions, ... or in any form.How are you going to integrate these new connections and frequencies into your life?
What do you need for that and where do you seem to withhold yourself to embody your uniqueness and authenticity and live a fullfilled life?

Session 10 - Working as a therapist

While you may already have started doing ET-Healing sessions for other people, it's time to be aware of situations that may occur during interactions with other people.
In this session we would like to offer you some practical do's and don'ts that we have experienced in our practice.

Session 11 - Personal subject or theme

In this penultimate session we allow you, as a participant, to bring in your own subject.

Session 12 - Completion, evaluation en certification

In this last session we will complete the ET-Healing Practitioner Programme together, evaluate the programme and your personal process and discuss your portfolio.
The portfolio is a kind of diary of the way you are developing your connection and contact with your ET guide and the team and in which you will also describe your experiences and those of the clients with whom you have done ET-Healing sessions.

Charges for the online ET-Healing Practitioner Program 

The price for the online ET-Healing Practitioner Programme - is € 975, - incl. 21% VAT and includes

  • 12 Personal sessions of 1.5 hours

  • Access to audio recordings from personal sessions

  • Access to audio and video material on extraterrestrial contact

  • Access to E-books on extraterrestrial contact

  • Syllabus (digital)

  • Any additional ET healing sessions at a reduced rate of € 60,- per session.


How to sign in the online ET-Healing Practitioner Course

First of all you can choose whether you want to be supervised by Jacqueline or Manon.
The exact moment to start the program will take place in consultation with you and Jacqueline / Manon and it is most optimal if the 12 sessions can be planned within a period of 6 months.
This amounts to an average of one session per two weeks.

That may not seem much, but be aware that there is a lot of integration work to be done in connecting with your ET guide and teams, doing ET healing sessions with friends and family, writing down and embedding your experiences ... this is something you need to do yourself, this is the D of DO, when learning to STAND.
And most often personal processes are triggered that ask for time and attention as well. 

For more information on joining the online ET-Healing Practitioner Course, please download the application form here.


Admission to the online ET-Healing Practitioner Program

The most important admission requirement is not determined by us, but by you and the ETs.
In fact, it is rare for us to see that these extraterrestrial beings do not want to establish a form of contact and co-creation.

However, although there is still a lot of healing work to be done, it is not the numbers that matter.
The ETs usually indicate whether they are able to work with the candidate without pushing him/her across his/her own boundaries, because their frequencies will certainly evoke all kinds of healing processes in the first place.
Sometimes it is advised to first heal some old pieces, e.g. through ET-Healing sessions and in this way to get in touch with them and their energies and thereafter to start the intensity as in the ET-Healing Practitioner Program.

Another very important factor is the degree to which you find yourself ready to enter into this process with yourself.
You are the only one who can determine this!!
To help you with these questions, please contact Jacqueline () or Manon ( ).

Together with Jacqueline or Manon, you can explore in a free and noncommittal dialogue whether this fits in with your lifestyle and whether this is the right moment to start.

For the sake of clarity, these extraterrestrial beings love to co-create and be in collaboration with "humans" and make no distinction between who is good enough and who is not good enough!
What matters is whether the collaboration in this specific form and moment suits you completely and whether this is really what you want to do in this life.

The ETs don't tempt you to doing things when this is not your mission or in your best interest, they just don't want to facilitate that.
This has nothing to do with whether or not good enough or good enough to do!!

It sometimes happens that candidates do come into contact with an ET-Guide via us, but not with an extraterrestrial 'medical' team, simply because healing work is not really their way.
But through their extraterrestrial guide they can ask for assistance, information and guidance for what really makes their heart beat, where their passion leads them.
Ultimately, that's what it's all about for them and us, that you're going to do here and do what you've come to Earth for.


I want to start !

Do you already feel the energies flowing into your body?
Do you think your hands and feet have gone 'on'?
Does your heart flow out and do you feel a deep desire?
Maybe you even feel like you're not alone anymore?

It is about time to get in touch!
Simply fill in the CONTACT FORM or call us ...

If you want more information or if you can feel it in your bones, but your Mind is in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us!
It is our passion to bring this beautiful work further into the world and if you feel this, we are very happy to help you further.

Lots of Love,
Jacqueline, Manon and our amazing friends