The Structure of the ET-Healing Practitioner Course

The Structure of the ET-Healing Practitioner Program
13. 12. 05
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Before you immerse yourself in the following structure of the program, first a word in advance ...

If you know us a bit more about Beyond Medicine (or else you will find out soon enough) .... we use a certain structure as a kind of frame of reference for our programmes and at the same time we always look at the needs of the participants and at what presents itself as important or relevant at any given time.
So be aware that we dare to let go of this structure in order to anticipate on what is happening, because holding on to structures as a fixed method of achieving a goal can, at times, have a limiting effect as something more relevant presents itself at that moment.

The structure below offers a foundation, but the realization of this program is always a co-creation between the participant, us as facilitator and especially our extraterrestrial friends, for realize that they like to play and challenge us and are full of surprises and excitement in the process!




The Structure of the ET-Healing Practitioner Course

As mentioned the ET-Healing Practitioner Course in the Netherlands is a program that consists of 12 practical days divided into 4 blocks of 3 consecutive days with a period of approximately 4-5 weeks between the blocks.
In the ET-Healing Practitioner Program we work with groups of about 6-8 participants and this program starts twice a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn.

If there are sufficient subscriptions (just like this year), a '2-week intensive' can be organized and we offer the program in 2 blocks of a week. The maximum group size for this form is 6 participants.
This form is particularly suitable for candidates from abroad and, if desired, can also be taught in English.
If you are interested in this form, please let us know, so we can reserve time in our agenda!

Especially for people who would like to get in touch with their extraterrestrial family and who would like to go through this program but do not have the possibility to come to our practice in Wolfheze we offer an online ET-Healing Practitoner Program with individual sessions. 
For more information about the individual online program see ONLINE ET-HEALING PRACTITIONER PROGRAMME.

Regardless of the form in which this program agenda is scheduled, the content follows more or less the following structure.



Topic 1 - In Contact

During a session prior to the programme, you were brought into contact under supervision and introduced to an extraterrestrial guide.
We call it your ET-Guide.
This ET-Guide becomes, as it were, your personal friend and will guide you in the healing processes of yourself and others.
As with any friendship, ... Your connection becomes deeper as you make contact more often and, above all, more openly.
You can only really experience this contact if you really dare to show yourself.
A large part of this is in your hands!
Don't expect your guide to do it all for you.
Your guide is a companion and a friend who is very much willing to help and support if you ask for it.
Note ... sometimes people think their guide has to do this or that for them ...
Your ET-Guide is not a servant who can be told what to do. It is not that kind of a relationship at all.

Topic 2 - STAND

There is actually no such thing as a fixed form for working with these extraterrestrial beings.
Everyone is different, we all have different soul agreements so we do not force anyone to work in a particular way.
Precisely because of your uniqueness we challenge you to find your own form, because in that form you will be able to flow as best you can.

So we do not have a fixed method in learning to work together, but of all that we offer in our programs STAND comes the closest.
STAND in this context stands for

- Surrender

Learning to surrender to the process and let go of control. Wanting to have control is a reaction of fear and limits to a large extent the things that want to unfold.
- Trust

Learning to trust your Higher Self first and from there then trust on others.
Discover who you are and get in touch with others from there.

- Allow

Learning to allow yourself to be present even if you don't understand what is happening.
Learning to receive and give, learning to flow freely.
- Notice

Learning to be an observer without needing to give a direct meaning to the observed.
Letting go of the need to know everything what is happening.
- Do

Learning to play freely and discover without knowing where it's going.
Just like a young child exploring a new world and discovering it full of wonder.
You can only experience this new world by acting upon it.


Topic 3 - The Art of Channeling

ET-Healing Practitioner Course

Learning to understand the mechanism of perceiving our own reality and from here learning to understand the way in which information from ET-Guides enters our consciousness through the Higher Self (Higher Mind).

Topic 4 - The Art of ET-Healing - part I

Understanding the mechanism of each disease as an imbalance in the flow of energy and that every form of healing is in fact the process of re-establishing the resonance of body systems with its natural core frequency.
The ET teams have mastered determining the out-of-alignment parts and providing exactly the frequencies that can enable the person to return to his or her core frequency provided that the person is willing to embrace those excluded parts again unconditionally.
As soon as you can fully realize this, you know that healing in a sense is always a form of self-healing, even with this loving and very precise support from extraterrestrial friends.

Topic 5 - The Art of ET-Healing - part II

Now you know the mechanism of healing works and the role of the ET-Healing Practitioner, now what is the role of your ET-Guide and the ET-Teams and last but not least the role of the client during the healing process.
Why is it that a client does not (or cannot) heal?
Can these extraterrestrial teams heal everything you ask them for and do they want to?

Topic 6 - Levels of Change

Gain insight into the structure of our own personality and how we create the physical experience with this personality through our beliefs, emotions and thoughts/actions.
We need an ego in order to have a physical experience. Is your ego a friend or an enemy?

Topic 7 - Who Am I?

Despite the fact one has a temporary and constantly changing personality, this is not really who you are.
In itself it is a path of life to keep rediscovering oneself from a new perspective and at the same time there is always an indestructible, never-changing core apart from this more or less adopted personality structure with which you discover oneself.
This part of us is the driving force behind what we want to experience, your passion is your compass and your personality a kind of steering wheel that you operate with your free will.
In order to understand our extraterrestrial friends better, we start with the question in this part of the programme ... who am I?

Topic 8 - Your Connection to our Galactic Family

As we become more and more aware of who we are ourselves, the question of 'who are you' automatically comes up and it is time to explore our connections with other beings and civilizations in more depth.
For we can only experience ourselves through the connections and reflections of others, including our starting families.
Who are they?
Why do they feel so familiar?
Why are they here?

Topic 9 - Paradox, Passion and Personal Themes

As we begin to understand who we are and how we perceive (and create) our physical reality, the question arises of what you would like to be doing and how you want to show up in the world.
Questions like ... what is the most exciting and challenging way I want to express myself in the world and what is stopping me from doing so.
What is my form to bring my Light and these frequencies into the world.
It may be healing sessions for humans, animals, areas ... or integrate ET-Healing into yoga classes, massage sessions, etc. or in any form whatsoever.
How are you going to integrate these new connections and frequencies into your life?
What will you need and where do you appear to be unable to give yourself permission to fully live your uniqueness and authenticity in co-creation with your team?

Topic 10 - Working as a Therapist

While you may already have made a start on doing ET-Healing sessions for other people, it's time to be aware of situations that may arise during interactions with other people.
In this session we would like to offer you some practical do's and don'ts that we have encountered in our practice.

Topic 11 - Time to bring in a Personal Topic 

In this penultimate session we give you as a participant the opportunity to bring in your own subject.

Topic 12 - Conclusion, evaluation and Certification

In this last session we will complete the ET-Healing Practitioner Course together, evaluate the program and your process and discuss your portfolio.
This portfolio is a kind of diary of the development of your connection and contact with your ET-Guide and the team, in which you also document what you have experienced about yourself and the clients with whom you have done ET-Healing sessions.

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