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Philip Fiolet | The Reconnection as a turning point

My journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening took a quantum leap in 2012 with The Reconnection.
This transformative experience helped me embrace my life's mission, blending Universal Wisdom and Knowledge with healing and teaching. 
My passion is to help others find their true selves and live authentically, learning to trust, surrender, and recognize the many support and guidance around us.

About me

Hi, I'm Philip.
One of my favorite quotes is from Byron Katie: "There are no mistakes in the Universe."
When I first heard it, it resonated deeply, even though it felt a bit beyond my reality.
But since 2012, when I received The Reconnection, this quote has become my life mantra.

That year marked the beginning of my true life's mission, and it's been a wild ride ever since.
Each event, seemingly random, has been a part of a greater training plan, preparing me for this journey we call life.
It’s taught me to trust, surrender, and know that I'm supported and safe in this mission. That I'm not alone on this journey.

Living from the perspective of my true self and personal mission is something that can't be fully explained—it has to be experienced.
My passion and privilege are to guide others on their path to authenticity and mission.
As a spiritual man, I blend tenderness with strength, bringing Universal Wisdom and Knowledge to Earth through healing, teaching, and more.

The Reconnection as a Turning Point

Back in 2012, I had no idea that The Reconnection would also reconnect me with extraterrestrial friends and family from the stars. 
They slowly introduced themselves, and while others could see the Light Beings during my healing sessions, I could only feel them.
My interest in extraterrestrials grew, especially after reading "Solomon Speaks" by Eric Pearl.
It felt like reconnecting with a part of my history, despite my brain protesting and calling me crazy.

But we can't understand the universe with old programming in our minds.
That's why I became an NLP Master Practitioner in 2013. I learned that our beliefs, shaped by repeated affirmations of what we think is true, set the limits of our awareness.
To grow and to be able to create new worlds, we must have the courage to let go of old beliefs and welcome new wisdom.

Embracing Universal Wisdom

This journey hasn't been easy, but it's been beautiful.
Books like "The Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak and other Pleiadian messages have helped me greatly to begin to understand our world and beyond.
They reveal truths that resonate deeply, despite the resistance from my old beliefs.
For me, this inner battle is a sign that I'm on the right path.
Confusion is the beginning of new insights, of new choices, of new options where there were none before.

The meetings with Haggai, the man who introduced us to the co-operation with the extraterrestrial beings, has brought much clarity to the puzzle of my life.
Day by day, the plan unfolds, and it's a fantastic adventure.

So, if you're looking to experience life from the perspective of your true self and personal mission, I'm here to guide you.
It's a journey that words can't fully capture—you have to live it.
From the deepest sincerity, I wish this experience for everyone.
I look forward to meeting you!

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My Contact Details :

Philip Fiolet
Wolfhezerweg 31
6874 AA  Wolfheze

Telefoon : +31 (0)6 - 16454955
E-mail     : 

Artist Impression of Ezra'el, my guide
by Dulce Commencia

Cosmic Human Design

Human Design is a system that combines elements of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, and quantum physics to create a personalized blueprint for self-understanding and living authentically.
Cosmic Human Design expands on this by incorporating additional cosmic and esoteric insights, like the Gene Keys, for a deeper spiritual perspective.

To get to know Philip better from this perspective, here are some insights from Philip's Cosmic Human Design:


  1. Insightful and Intuitive:
    As a Projector with Splenic Authority, Philip has a natural ability to sense and understand the deeper aspects of people and situations.
    His intuition is immediate and often spot-on, making him insightful and perceptive.

  2. Empathetic and Compassionate:
    His empathy is highlighted by the sensitivity to the needs of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or in need.
    This aligns with his right angle cross of explanation, indicating a deep concern for addressing and communicating fundamental needs.

  3. Visionary and Creative:
    The channels and gates in his chart suggest a strong visionary streak.
    The channel of Structuring, also known as "Genius to Freak," indicates a capacity for innovative thinking and groundbreaking ideas, though sometimes perceived as unconventional.

  4. Analytical and Investigative:
    With a 1/3 profile (Investigator/Martyr), Philip is driven by a need to understand and analyze thoroughly.
    He approaches life with a meticulous, investigative mindset, seeking to build a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.

  5. Resilient and Adaptive:
    The martyr aspect of his profile suggests a willingness to learn through trial and error.
    He is not afraid to confront challenges head-on, often learning valuable lessons from his experiences, which contributes to his resilience.

  6. Calm and Receptive:
    Descriptions of his brain being passive and his mind receptive suggest a calm demeanor and an openness to new information and perspectives.
    He processes experiences thoughtfully and is observant of his environment.


Archetypes are universal symbols or patterns that represent aspects of the human experience.
The three archetypes that resonate with Philip based on his characteristics in his Cosmic Human Design:

  1. The Sage:
    The Sage archetype embodies wisdom, insight, and the pursuit of truth.
    As a Sage, Philip is driven by a deep curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, always seeking to understand the deeper meaning behind life's mysteries.
    He may excel in roles that involve teaching, mentoring, or guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

  2. The Visionary:
    The Visionary archetype represents innovation, foresight, and a pioneering spirit.
    Philip embodies the Visionary archetype through his ability to see beyond the present moment and envision possibilities for the future.
    He is not bound by conventional thinking but instead dares to imagine new ways of being and creating positive change in the world.

  3. The Healer:
    The Healer archetype embodies compassion, empathy, and the desire to alleviate suffering.
    Philip may resonate with the Healer archetype through his natural inclination towards supporting and nurturing others, both emotionally and spiritually.
    He may find fulfillment in roles that involve healing, counseling, or guiding others towards wholeness and self-empowerment.

In Summary

  • Insightful, empathetic, and visionary are key descriptors for Philip.
  • Suitable work include consultant, healer, researcher, and creative director.
  • Ideal business partners are Generators, Manifestors, and Reflectors.
  • Ideal personal partners are supportive, open-minded, and grounded.

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