10. The Stargate Experience

The Stargate is a Sacred Geometric structure that acts as an inter-dimensional portal/doorway, and has a powerful energy field of high frequency, allowing healing to take place at all levels as a result of activation of our multi-dimensional DNA and where the awakening of your psychic abilities and our consciousness of the Higher Self can take place. 

What is a Stargate?

The Stargate is a Sacred Geometric structure that acts as a doorway to higher dimensions and radiates a powerful, high-vibrating energy field, which allows healing on many layers.
During a Stargate Experience you can experience these high frequencies in a relaxed and effortless deep meditation.

By simply relaxing in this strong energy field, you will begin to vibrate at these high frequencies at some point and you will notice that your senses will quickly increase and you will already be able to feel/observe the presence of various loving beings who are invited to bring their presence, their vibration, into your space.

The intention of the work of the Stargate is to support us to come closer to ourselves, to really get to know ourselves.
To integrate our Higher Self into our total being. Our Higher Self is no higher, better or more important than our personality with which we explore this world.
We need both parts equally to experience this physical reality. Our Higher Self, however, is our connector to our blueprint and knows the path we have 'intended' for ourselves.

Our Higher Self is not somewhere outside us or above us.
It is inside us and around us. In every cell, anchored in our DNA.
Every living being is based on DNA, both here on Earth and beyond Earth.
Our physical DNA is the blueprint for our physical appearance and contains an enormous amount of Sacred Geometry, which is beautifully expressed in nature itself.
The structures on other layers of our DNA (our DNA consists of 12 multi-dimensional layers)*1 are also completely based on Sacred Geometry, as it applies in those dimensions.

The Stargate is a passage, a portal to these dimensions and by working with the Stargate you come into conscious contact with these multi-dimensional frequencies and inactive codes of the 12-stranded multi-dimensional DNA in every cell of our body are touched and activated.

It is in our multidimensional DNA that the mysteries of our Higher Self are held.
It contains the key to who we are, our place, our share and purpose in the Universal Plan and our ability to communicate directly with the Spiritual world.
This process of remembering, of knowing our Higher Self, is the awakening and the way to a new world.

Stargate Experience Stargate Healing

The Origin of the Stargate

After many years with the Master Osho, spontaneous channeling occurred with Prageet Harris. An extraterrestrial being (actually more of a collective consciousness) named Alcazar asked Prageet to build a Stargate.
Little by little he instructed Prageet to build this Sacred Structure, a consciousness and sacred geometric structure - an interdimensional portal that facilitates healing at all levels and enables a strengthening of the intuition and the awareness of the higher self.

A large number of European countries plus Russia, Israel, Canada and the United States have been able to enjoy the tremendous transformations that the Stargate has facilitated since Prageet brought this into the world ever further over the course of more than thirty years.

In one of his many messages Alcazar has explained the operation and structure of the Stargate itself.
During one of those messages Alcazar explained that the reason why the Stargate is such an effective portal to other dimensions, is because the structure (the form) of the Stargate is constructed in such a way that on 'all' levels it exactly complies with the Sacred Geometry on those levels.
And with all levels the Stargate work means working up to the 12th dimension.
But beware, there are many different and therefore confusing definitions about dimensions and the densities (frequency bands) within dimensions. *2

The Stargate Experience

If you work with a Stargate, you work with a Sacred Geometric structure.
This Sacred Geometric structure anchors various dimensional fields in which you can feel enormously relaxed and receive activations in your energetic field and the cells of your body.

The Stargate gives you the opportunity to consciously enter dimensional fields and realities other than our physical dimension.
During the journey you will go up into the higher fourth, fifth, sixth, up to and including the twelfth-dimensional spheres where you can work with light aspects of the Self, your Higher Self.

In these dimensional spheres you will experience a pure feeling of light, space and love, a love that brings transformation and healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual body.
This space also gives you the opportunity to work with your Higher Self and to anchor the light energies of your Self directly in the cells of your physical body.
You will notice that the feeling of separation changes when you start to feel contact with your Higher Self through its anchoring (activation) in your cells, in your DNA.
And while this light of the Self anchors itself in the cells and the DNA, it provides space for healing of the physical body as well as other layers of the system.
As these high frequencies enter the cells, the higher dimensional layers of your DNA will be activated and these frequencies will begin to radiate. *3

This light also works in the emotional body.
Emotion is held in the cells and when this light enters the emotional energy, the emotional energy can start to release.
It opens up new perspectives on your reality.

It will help you accelerate further and make a deeper connection with your own Higher Self.
The Stargate can sometimes also be seen/experienced as a vehicle, vessel, or ship.
Every time you work with this energetic vehicle, it seems as if you are getting a little further and something more is unfolding.
Every time you make a journey with the Stargate, you are energetically further aligned and transformed.
Each time you return from a Stargate journey, your body feels wider as if your cells have become larger through your own energetic light.

Note, that even though this high frequency seems to come from something outside of you, the fact that you can resonate to it means that the capacity of it must already be present in your system, but perhaps not yet as active as it could be. If you have two identical tuned guitars next to each other and you 'hit' one of them, then the other one will join in, even if you haven't touched them.
The energy you feel after the Stargate Experience is that of yours.

Stargate Experience Academy

Each Stargate Experience is a journey, uniquely designed for you

Every Stargate Experience is a journey that is unique to you.
With each Stargate Experience, your cells wake up a little further with your own light and you begin to enter a higher state of consciousness.
You will also notice that it becomes easier to connect the spiritual spheres, because you hold more of this common light and frequencies in your cells.

By working with this Sacred Geometric structure and the support of our ET guides who guide us during these journeys as well as loving beings such as the Pleiades, you can get to know, heal and transform yourself from a higher perspective in a wonderfuly relaxed way.

And now it may seem as if the Stargate is a thing that does this for you, but nothing could be further from the truth.
The Stargate is an awareness of itself with which you can connect and with which you make a journey through the dimensions in co-creation.

Each Stargate Experience brings you further into alignment with the Universal Consciousness and gives you the opportunity to experience more of your unique divine aspect in the whole.
As soon as you get closer to your own core frequency, you get closer to your blueprint.
You will become more aware of your place in the whole, the support that is there, the path that you are walking.
You will experience yourself again as a part of that pure loving power.

And you will also radiate this and thus activate others without you having to do anything consciously, if the other person is open to it.
With each Stargate Experience you wake up a part on new levels of your Higher Self and new frequencies are anchored in your cells.
Every journey will be different because you have become different.
Slowly but surely you become more and more a Stargate yourself ... a conscious multi-dimensional being.

And really, there is an unlimited number of layers on which activations within yourself can take place during a Stargate Experience.
And at the same time, every journey you make is in itself complete.
Your Higher Self really has perfect timing, perfect order, perfect plan. Trust this plan, trust your Higher Self.
We regularly experience situations with groups during a Stargate Experience that are incredibly ingenious and where for each one is brought exactly what was needed and possible for each one at that moment.
Often incredibly beautiful and touching.

Many loving beings are willing to assist you during your work with the Stargate if you allow them.
Of course the collective consciousness Alcazar himself and also our own guides Joel and Ezraël like to work with the Stargate, as do many extraterrestrial civilizations such as the Pleiades.
And it is very likely that your own guides will be happy to help you with this experience.
They can help you with your activations and especially with the integration of the many transmissions of frequencies and light that will be absorbed in your cells.
These energies of your own light that you bring back into your body, must be fully integrated into the cells if they are to be fully utilized.
This is where the support of our guides, extraterrestrial teams by the way, can be very helpful.

Also realize that Alcazar, our guides and teams, angels and archangels, transcended Masters and the many loving extraterrestrial civilizations are able and available to anchor themselves in the energetic spaces of the Stargate and to help you in the healing.
They hold the space energetically and in balance and help you to enter these sacred dimensional spaces.

Before you start the Stargate Experience it is important that you first get into your body.
This means that you have to bring your energy from your head to the body, especially in your heart.
Take the time to connect with your body, put your hands on your chest or heart and feel the pressure and warmth of your hands.
Use your breath consciously, like the Uddjah Breath (pranayama/yoga tradition), in and out of the mouth.
This will quickly take you out of your mind and bring you into your body.
You can't have a real Stargate Experience with your ego mind. The frequencies of the ego-mind simply cannot enter those dimensions.

Being well-connected to the body is also important, because it opens up the cells of your body and prepares them to receive the energy and thus integrate the activations.
It consciously opens you up to experience a whole new layer of yourself.

What works well is... breathe in and hear yourself say "Yes, I'm willing to receive".
And breathe out and hear yourself say, "Yes, I'm willing to let go".

It is important that this is a conscious act. Do this seriously and not as a trick.
Are you willing to receive and are you willing to let go of what no longer serves?

It's sometimes amazing how little we feel we deserve to receive what we need.
Realize that it is our natural birthright to have abundance at all levels.
You have to ask it to receive... and many find that asking very difficult.

But realize, asking does not mean that you are otherwise not worthy of receiving!
Everything is already around and these beings give with unconditional love anyway, that is their passion, Service to Others!
By asking, you open yourself up to receive!
Asking is not something you do towards the outside world, asking gives recognition to a need in your inner world and you are open to let it come to you and receive it.
Asking is a way for yourself to make clear what it is that you need.
So be as clear as possible and then let it go, knowing that it is already there and the process of receiving it is underway.

So now is the time to ask for support for your journey in the Stargate Experience.
This support can take any form you need at that moment, such as receiving the feeling of love, recognition, connection, insight into a theme, healing, relief from pain, ...
You can ask for this support from our guides and teams, from your own guides, from star beings with which you have connections such as the Pleiades, Acturians, Andromedans, or from the Angels and Archangels, or any of your personal connections in the collective consciousness fields.
It is our experience that all energies from these higher dimensions are a tremendous support.
There is only oneness, there is no separation in these spheres.

Do I need Protection

In co-creation with you, the Stargate opens up a pure, high-frequency space of light.
Because it is a space of pure light, there is no opening for unwanted energies.
Only 'beings' that have the same frequencies can get there, just as we can only 'see' in realities that can be reached with our frequencies.
All other parts of the Universe we simply cannot perceive or reside in.
If we were to 'force' ourselves (note: if at all possible) into a reality of which we cannot handle the frequencies, we would in no time disrupt our own system in such a way that we disintegrate ourselves, fall apart, burn our systems and die.
This also applies to 'dark beings' that many people are afraid of ... They can only perceive us when we share frequencies with them.
But that means that they perceive us anyway and by consciously increasing our frequency - for example by journeying to higher frequencies with Stargate - it becomes impossible for them to approach you even further in these spaces of light. They cannot stay here.

Nevertheless, if you find it necessary for yourself to protect yourself, you can do so in your own way, but it is really not necessary.
Realize, however, that the feeling of having to protect oneself comes from a fear of danger that has less to do with the Stargate work, but is on a much deeper level.
And that such a fear is actually the open back door that is very inviting for unsolicited visitors. This fear carries the frequency of beings with a similar frequency and is therefore perceiveble to them.
In fact, this fear also means that you do not believe in your own power at a deeper level, that you believe that a being with a lower consciousness has more power than you as a being with a higher consciousness. Isn't that very strange?

Paradoxically, this is exactly what the Stargate work is about... discover who we really are. Our potential, our power.
With the help of many creatures, but awakening of consciousness, you can only do it yourself.

Stargate Experience Academy

The Stargate Facilitators Program

If you are interested in working more professionally with the Stargate Experience Experience, we can only advise you to contact the Stargate Experience Academy and sign up for the annual Stargate Experience Facilitators Programs where you will learn to work with this Sacred Geometric Structure.
Jacqueline and Philip have been working with the Stargate for some time even before they made the journey to Mount Shasta in 2016 and completed their training as Stargate Experience Facilitators Programs and have been members of the Global Stargate Facilitators ever since.
And even though we've been working with the Stargate for a long time, we've learned so much just by experiencing the Stargate there (note, Mount Shasta, one of the 12 most powerful portals on Earth) and the many channelings Alcazar has given us, this is an experience we'll never forget. And we long very much to go back.
We warmly recommend it!

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Stargate Experience Alcazar Prageet Julieanne


*1 More about the 12 layers of DNA on
Kryon - the 12 Layers of DNA
Barbara Marciniak - Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
Bashar - Blueprint for Change
 Eric Pearl - The Reconnection

*2 More about dimensions on 
Bashar - Blueprint for Change

*3 More about research on activating the energetic DNA in
Caroline Cory - the documentary ET-Contact

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