ET-Healing for Cosmic Contact

ET-Healing for Cosmic Contact

Recently a lady came into our practice, who suffered from pain in the heart region.
She has had herself examined by a specialist but no abnormalities were found.
A mystery, because she does experience real physical pains in her heart region, and this does worry her a lot. If she considers her relaxed lifestyle, she can' t understand it, so hence the ET-healing session she asks for now.

The team starts working on the heart chakra, and shows me a social gathering, a glass of wine, warmth, sitting together on the couch.
I also see my clientee sitting on the couch with a book, having a good time reading. Very relaxed.

However, she is negatively judged on this by the surrounding world, in the sense that she is said to be lazy and this blocks her heart chakra. The team puts a lemniscate over the blockade.
Then the ET's go back to being 15 years old to get further information.

Showing me that she was brought up in a very protected manner, and she had to go to places not suitable for children. She has seen things that were not always safe for her.
Especially people who were drunk and no longer had self-control. Unsafety.

Nowadays she can actually only feel that safety in her own home, although this is completely unconscious.
It turns out that these are deeply hidden experiences that now want to be seen and then released.

During that time, she was protected by other brothers and sisters in the family, and therefore now she finds that safety only at home in her own family, and does not have the desire to go outside.
The Extraterrestrial Team also start working on her base chakra in order to create more feeling of security.
The make the suggestion that if, in the future, she feels any pain in her heart again, then she should go there, lay her hand on it and be soft to herself, and become aware again of why those pains are coming.

During the ET-healing session, a group of Lemurian Masters come forward ...

... and they would like to make contact with her through her heart and request permission to do so.
I may keep my hand above her heart, and I can feel a very powerful energy coming through.
She is also able to feel it herself and states that she is now feeling the energy flowing all the way through her body, tingling and flowing on all sides.
At the end of this session, Joël states that this woman is ready for more cosmic contact, if she wishes.
And also that there is a strong Lemurian connection with powerful energy that is awakening.
Her heart has been opened both sides again so she can now, instead of only giving, also start to receive again.
Including the love from her star family, she is ready for it.

Finally, she is offered a red rose, and she enthusiastically explains that this is her favourite flower.
Amazement and wonder for both of us.
She is emotional, enthusiastic.
Grateful and satisfied she goes home again.

Working with these extraterrestrial beings is really so incredibly beautiful ...
~ Jacqueline Fiolet and Joël with the extraterrestrial team
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication