Time for Magic

Magie op Aarde

Together with a client, I had such a magical experience throughout the entire ET-healing session that we are eager to share it with you in her own writings ...

"This is a summary of the ET-healing session I received from Jacqueline and her team.
What I like so much is that the healing did not only fit in perfectly with the questions I had, but also with what was going on under the surface without me asking any questions about it.
Aside from the ET-healing itself I also got a lot of new insights and understanding.
I hope that comes out clear enough from my report, I found it difficult to summarise what happened during the ET-healing session in a clear and anonymous way, also with regard to my daughter.

When I asked about my health (some blood levels have been too low for more than a year), Jacqueline and the team said the following:Your blood level is now low in order to be able to walk the path that needs to be walked. It is no coincidence that you are assisted by that specific company doctor and that specific reintegration coach.

This coach is committed to ensuring that as many people as possible reintegrate in the right place.
If you are in a perfect place and start flowing again, then your blood will start flowing again as it should.
If it were to be played hard by these coaches, you would end up with a burn-out.
You are that sensitive, you will withdraw and the blood will withdraw.
Everything in the universe is now arranged in such a way as to get you to where you are supposed to go, and the whole trajectory is part of it.

During this ET-healig session I also asked a question about my daughter.

Jacqueline and her ET-team gave me a perfect confirmation of what's going on with her.
When asked what I can do for her, Jacqueline was given the following answer by her ET-team:
If you keep your daughter against your heart, she probably doesn't want to.
So, go out and play a nice game with her. Then you have fun together, the game will be the connecting factor.
And then she may accept the consolation, she holds herself up, but underneath is a lot of pain.
That same evening my daughter came up to me and asked me if we could play a game!
Unbelievable, it was for a very, very long time she asked me that.

After that Jacqueline was directed to my pelvis for emotions, especially anger.
The team poored a kind of light into my pelvis, so that the emotions could be released more easily.
Thereupon Jacqueline was shown a test tube. Alchemy they say, gold is made in that tube.
Once you have gone through that lower layer of anger, then you will reach gold, you will come more and more into your strength.
This is your own magic, so the person you are will come to life as if you had stepped out of a fairy tale and were standing on this world.
Only when you're here, you can be writing fairy tales about what it is like there.
Have confidence that it is all right. First you need to walk the trajectory where you are now, but alchemy is already busy.

What Jacqueline didn't know is my idea to start writing fairy tales in collaboration with nature beings, but so far it didn't work out well.
Really very special and clarifying that that came to the forefront here.

Then Jacqueline is directed to my crown chakra:
You can use your crown chakra to get some other input to your 3rd eye. You're going to see a lot more.
You can use that for your fairy tales, then you can write what you see'.
And the unicorns also want to support you and show you images: 'If you are going to write your stories, though people may think it is fantasy, they will feel it!
And then we, the unicorns, will be acknowledged and seen.
Because we live in other dimensions most people cannot see us, but they can feel us if they allow themselves to.

It is time for the magic to return to earth. The children will take their parents with them. It is time.

Then Jacqueline continues: 'I can now see a sunflower spiralling from your heart and making contact with your own sun, your own higher self.

This information comes from your higher self through the flower to your heart, its roots reside in the earth.
You become stronger and stronger in connecting with your higher self.
As it happened, the morning before I went to Jacqueline I had asked for a clearer contact with my higher self ... !

Thank you so much, dear Jacqueline and your ET-healing team for your loving and enlightening healing!

This co-operation with the ET's and other interdimensional creatures is wonderful and beautiful!
Deep Love and Gratitude
~Jacqueline Fiolet en Joël from the extraterrestrial team
~Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication