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Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence

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In the beginning there was sound.
Do you know that the manifestation of sound is the subtlest of all?
Even more subtle than light?
That is why the ear is considered to be the most subtle organ.

Acoustic expressions are of two kinds...... one is divine expression, or spiritual acoustic expression, and the other is physical acoustic expression.
The sounds we hear with our physical ears are forms of physical acoustic expression.

However, the much larger spiritual acoustic expression in the divine world -the cosmic domain- we cannot perceive with our physical ear.
While everywhere in the Universe, as well as in human consciousness, there is spiritual acoustic expression, it is inaudible to human hearing.
Until the moment this expression is introduced to the physical sphere!

If a radio is tuned to the certain frequency, it can receive inaudible sounds through its antenna and convert them through the 'transistor' into sounds that are audible in our physical reality and express themselves through its loudspeaker or speaker.
What is special is that we can come up with a technology that flawlessly reflects a mechanism that we all naturally carry in us but persistently deny.
We are all cosmic transistor radios, meant to let our symphony be heard.
When we think something, we create mental sound without being aware of it.
Thinking is mental speech, it is the ultimate form of sound. Essentially, we talk mentally. We can hear ourselves thinking.
If we speak physically, then others can also hear. But if we speak mentally, others can hear us, or is that dependent on ..... What?
Where are your thoughts, those expressions of energy?
Would there ever be someone who hears your thoughts?
What happens to all the thoughts of all people together ?
Are these one great symphony entering the cosmos in search of listeners?
We capture the physical sound depending on the quality of our acoustic organs, our ears.
We cannot hear all sounds all the time. We cannot catch very short or very long sounds, or in other words, sounds with too low or too high a frequency.
And through focus we can perceive specific sounds by eliminating other sounds. By relaxing we open these filter patterns so that we can perceive all the sounds that can be heard.

In the same way, we cannot always hear all sounds in the inner sphere.
Through continuous meditation we go through different stages and phases; and as the inner senses develop, we can hear that divine sound, that inner sound, the Sound of Silence.
It is what is known as Omkara in Sanskrit in the Indian tradition..... Om, the sound of the Universe.

We can hear the cosmos and the cosmos hears us ....

On this page we like to share different forms of sound from the cosmic sphere.
Some recordings are channeled meditations by Jacqueline in which she is assisted by her extraterrestrial guide from Sirius ... Joël.
Other recordings are channeled information from Philip on different subjects or Stargate Meditations.

We would also like to share beautiful channeled music for meditation so that we can all find our point of silence and hear the sounds of the Universe and all the loving creatures that guide us on our journey through this physical reality.
The music is freely shareable and findable on YouTube and in particular we would like to draw the attention to Paul Collier to take his meditative musical works further into the world.