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A Cat-Like Race Of Beings

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Q: In this life, persistently, I have known that I do not have good control of the body I am currently presenting tonight.

B: Oh, you have known that, have you?

Q: The control I possess, at its best, is...
B: Is flawless.

Q: Yes, but it is also that of a giant cat in my form – upright, two feet, short legs, with a magnificent tail that comes from a race of warrior cats.
More humanized than... and I can still feel my tail.
I have the distinct remembrance of being captured and the tail being cut as a degradation for my losing the war.
But tonight, I can sit here tonight and still feel the muscles that would wrap that tail around my neck.

B: And how does this association serve you?

Q: Well, I’m looking for my people.
I feel those were more my people than where I’m at now.
B: Again, that is not possible.

Q: And are those people still here?
B: Yes, of course. All universes are right here, right now. 

Q: Then I can return to that people if I choose?
B: You are there now. And you are here for a purpose. You are not here to run away. 

Q: Oh, I have no intention of that... but I feel myself more as a teacher on this planet.
B: And a learner, every teacher is a learner.

Q: Yes, it’s continual learning.a-cat-like-race-of-beings-2
B: Then simply make the association so that you exist in both places at the same time. So you can bridge the connection and allow yourself to be of service in both areas, simultaneously.

Q: Then there was a cat race, or there is a cat race that you know of, that’s more humanoid than what we would consider cats?
B: It is not exactly what I would call a cat, but I know what you mean. 

Q: Ok, but the body is very real to me as my own personal body.
B: Yes. Yes, there is and are such races.
But again, it is not that they are, in your terms, derived from the idea of a cat, but there are similarities.

Q: Well, I have the feeling of a lion that walks upright, more like a man.
A large mane, hands, a warrior teacher caste or type of people.
B: To some degree, yes.

Q: And my tail was a symbol of my pride and my authority.
B: That dimension and that race within that dimension exists, and it is right here, right now. 

Q: Thank you!
B: Thank you. Sharing!

Q: And the other area I’d like to cover is with our friends from the red planet (Mars)

B: Yes.

Q: There supposedly is one underground and one above ground in the jungle in Mexico or South America. What is the difference between the two groups?

B: One is more the idea of the establishment of a processing area. The other more the idea of the infusion of the culture in your society..

Q: And what is the women’s role in the Martian society?

B: It is not in that sense dissimilar to the concept of feminine energy in your society, since again remember that incarnationally, many of you are Martians.

Q: Right. And what’s their vibrational frequency?
B : 152,000, in general, cycles per second.

Q: And is this the reason that they are perceived more cat-like and with vertical pupils, is because they’re more sub-space, in that sense?

B: From time to time this will be it but there is also an actual connection back to the original genetic form, in that reflection.
As it has been now altered there is not so much of that, that remains but the original form of the race did have to some degree those qualities.
But even that was a genetic alteration.

Q: Okay and what can you tell us about the Martians – what do they look like?

B: At this point as we have said, mostly now because of the genetics – mostly human although in the more ancient form which still exists in some of the species they have a little bit of what you might call a proto – now this is just a affectation – it is not really as distinct as what we are about to describe as the animal form, but in that sense they are humanoid or what you would call humanoid but they have a slight characteristic of what you would call a type of proto-simian and ,or, almost a cat-like face

But again, this is very slight affectation, again they would appear to be just a little bit beyond the edge or the threshold of what you might typically on your planet call, a different race.

You would recognize them as non-human but they are not so non-human that they would appear to you to be much more different than just to you perhaps a very distinctive other race.

Q: Yes. And how technologically advanced are they?

B: At this point you will find again that they have an advancement about 100 to 150 years ahead of you but in their ancient culture they were really not as advanced as you are now on Earth.
They have been given this technology by the Greys, to aid them in their survival.

Q: Alright, so they’re in contact with the Greys – open contact?

B: O yes. It was the Greys who were responsible for the injection of the humanoid genetics that will help them survive on your planet.