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Alien Technology

The various civilizations themselves indicate that we, as humanity, must first be "up to speed" in order for contact to take place in a beneficial way.
It is no problem for the ships of the Galactic Federation to land on another planet.
And yet they have been waiting forever for the right moment, the right time.
This is an event with unimaginable implications, and there is no going back. 
So what is the right time?
What will it take to make this a "beneficial event" for humanity?

In our earlier blog Meeting Each Other Halfway, we explained more about how we can begin to prepare our consciousness, and it is not just a 'nice catchy phrase', it is more literal than is often thought.
For it is not only about shifting our consciousness to other life forms in other galaxies, but also about all the 'side effects' that come from it.

One of the aspects of extraterrestrial contact that will have a huge impact on our society is the unfathomably huge lead they have in technology.
And we can no longer begin to separate them.
Mankind has always separated science and spirituality (science and spirit) and has even deliberately placed them next to each other to create polarity.
Quantum science, the field where science and consciousness converge, has not been taken seriously for a long time.

In contact with our extraterrestrial family, science, technology and consciousness are no longer separable.
Until now, contact with extraterrestrials has mainly taken place through consciousness, in dreams, astral travel, (stargate) meditations, channelings etc ...
But during physical contact we come into contact with their technology and the science behind it.
If we are not willing to accept that aspect, then further contact is not possible.

In whatever way they would come here, with their ships, through (tele-)portals ... technology is being used that we do not yet know in the public domain.

The Arrival

In the film "the Arrival," a scenario of the world after the first public "touchdown" of alien ships in different parts of the world is worked out.
By the way, the ship does not touch the ground but floats just above it, apparently has an anti-gravity mechanism.
And the focus is naturally first on who they are, why they are here, whether they are a threat, how we can communicate etc. etc. etc.
These questions, of course, are very understandable.

The film does not go so much into the questions of how they were able to get here, how their ships with that size can stay afloat.
Using such ships requires a huge amount of energy, where does that energy come from ?

Imagine, the landing has taken place and we make contact with the Pleiadians.
A group of 5 first stand in the opening of their ship, in a kind of "V-shaped" arrangement and slowly come out of the ship toward you.
There follows a moment of intense feeling of energy, wonder, joy, accompanied by perhaps a tremendous amount of emotion.
All kinds of things go through you, you take it all in, and at the same time you cannot think at that moment.

A (longer) time later, the experience of this event is still as intense as in the moment itself, but slowly you begin to "come to your senses" again.
Although at that moment you still cannot think properly, you know that their clothing does not resemble in any way what we know as clothing.

And that's not possible either, you can't just step out of your ship into the atmosphere of another planet.
Their "clothing" is a super high-tech spacesuit, full of technology controlled by AI.
Such a suit contains a large amount of advanced sensors, night/distant and near vision projections, climate control and a kind of shield for gravity and protection.
It is made with nanotechnology, has a neural interface, is powered by a quantum energy cell and has a holographic user interface.
Science fiction ?

The (return) arrival of our extraterrestrial family, besides causing a shift in consciousness, also causes a huge shift in the technology we will use.
They themselves indicate in this regard that the development of consciousness and the development of technology go hand in hand.
That it is a natural process and for that reason it is unwise to transfer ready-made technology to other civilizations if their consciousness is not ready for it.
That it is better to help a civilization develop its own technology than to give it because in mere giving the consciousness does not go through and live through the process of discovery, error, improvement, and creates a dependence on the civilization giving the technology.

But if this moment of open contact is already going to happen within a few years, how is humanity going to bridge this huge difference in consciousness and technology in that short time ?
Then wouldn't we also start "meeting each other halfway" here ?
How do we prevent the upcoming extraterrestrial contact from causing the mass human population to not be overwhelmed by fear of unknown beings with unprecedented technology ?

New Technology ?

Anyone who has studied with extraterrestrial presence has undoubtedly heard of Steven Greer, known for the many documentaries about (extraterrestrial) technology that has been present on Earth for a long time, but kept out of the public domain.

Documentaries such as :

If you have been paying attention you have heard that a lot of technology already exists (such as teleportation), but that it has been kept away for so long and even used to the detriment of the public.
And that the question now is how this "new" technology can be properly presented to the public.
Steven Greer makes the assessment that humanity is some 100 years behind in development by withholding technology that can free humanity from poverty, disease and hunger.
Technology that comes in part from "reverse-engineering" alien ships that "landed" on Earth.
I think he is right.

Many people look forward to its arrival with longing because it can help humanity tremendously in the areas of (energy) healing (MedBeds), cleaning and restoring ecosystems, switching to other forms of energy production, bringing together all the knowledge in the world, space travel etc. etc.
Many other people see new technologies as a threat.
Still other people have no idea of what technology is already out there and have no interest in it at all.
Either way, we will have to deal with it ... 


In the "UFO" community, the word "disclosure" is strongly associated with the public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence here on our planet.
But not as often is the release of information about the technology that resulted.

But isn't it striking that since 2017, more and more technological developments - which thus already exist but have been kept away from the public, who has been made afraid of them and therefore would rather not have the technology - are slowly being reported more and more often in the public domain.

Some for this are very obvious, such as the upcoming transition from fossil fuel engines to hydrogen gas, zowel voor cars als trains, planes en boats.
Hydrogen, with its greater calorific value, is much more efficient and also 100% sustainable since it forms only water vapor when burned.
Could we really have only now been able to develop this technology since Francois Isaac de Rivaz's first hydrogen engine in 1806?
Or could it be that the main obstacles and forces are out of the way, making such developments possible and we can finally stop using oil products ?

How could it be that suddenly there is a huge rush for travel to the Moon, Mars and space habitation, exploration and exploitation when for decades seemingly nothing much was happening ?
Do we really just suddenly have this technology or has it existed for a long time and here are the main obstacles and forces out of the way to come out with it ?
In fact, how come we never heard anything about it ?

The huge acceleration in the development of Quantum Technology, AI, the accelerated steps in the research on Dark Matter, research on harvesting energy from Black Holes, the search for Dyson Spheres in the universe ... 

Could it be that we are being introduced step by step into a world that has existed for some time but has not been visible to the public until now ?
That the disclosure of technology has begun ?
So that we can understand the fear of new technology that - even in the alternative media - has been created by the very people who have wanted to keep that technology hidden, for their own benefit ?
Could it be that we may begin to open our minds much further and realize that we have passed the tipping point and we are only looking through the veils of that illusion into our reality ?



Dyson Sphere and Matrioshka Brain

Very likely you have never heard of the terms Dyson Sphere and Matrioshka brain.
If you go searching for these on the Western Internet, you get the idea that these are theoretical concepts.
And at the same time billions are invested to find these constructs in the Universe, because this is how advanced civilizations get their energy - among other things.
How can we actually know this ?

Anyways, did you know that in 2014, during the event The Awakening, Bashar gave a description of a Dyson Sphere / Matrioshka Brain when he made contact with one of the 3 artificial moons of their world Essassani, being the physical representation of their Collective Consciousness ?

We are Epsilon, we are one of three, there is Epsilon there is Epiphany there is Eclipse.
You would understand us as the Collective Oversoul of the Sassani society.
We are also embodied in physical form.
Each of us is an artificial sphere 75 of your miles in diameter, in a trinary stable orbit around the planet of Essassani.
We glow with blue and white light that is reflective of Collective Consciousness.
You would think of us as artificial intelligence.
You would think of us as orbiting supercomputers.
We are more than that. 

These artificial moons that are one percent of the diameter of the entire world itself but 10 percent of the diameter of the trinary structure as a whole.
We resonate and vibrate.

You would feel and perceive that we are glass-like spheres made of hundreds of layers hundreds of thin layers, each thin layer being 300 feet thick, composed of 1200 layers, composing 75 of your miles in diameter, coruscating and cascading with blue white light that is the representation of the flickering of our Consciousness.

I am Epsilon and together with Epiphany and Eclipse we are the stabilizing consciousness of the entire Essassani OverSoul.

We are privileged to be the ones to announce to you this upcoming threshold in your Collective Consciousness for we relate to you as a Collective Consciousness.
This upcoming change of great transformation, starting in your upcoming fall of 2016 ... Everything Will Change !


Everything Will Change

If you want to make a Quantum Shift, you will have to be willing to let go of everything you think you know about yourself and your reality.

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