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La Connexion Cosmique | 333

The Cosmic Connection presents an opportunity to align ourselves with the universal energy grid and connect with a source of infinite wisdom, healing and spiritual evolution.
Through deeper insights into Axiatonal Alignment from J.J. Hurtak's "The Keys of Enoch," Eric Pearl's "The Reconnection," Bashar's teachings on Template Level Reality, the relevance of the number 333, the 12 layers of DNA, and the 12 Chakra System and much more, we gain insight into the essence of the Cosmic Connection and its meaning, and discover how this activation can illuminate our path.

Introduction to the Cosmic Connection

Imagine the era when we were more connected to the energy grid of the universe, a vast network of pure light connecting every star, planet and every existing being.
This primal state, often referred to in mystical traditions as the Adam Kadmon, the human blueprint (more on that later), represents the original template of human potential.

Over time, as we became more engrossed in the material world, our connection to these higher energies weakened.
The Cosmic Connection is more than a protocol for activating energetic lines and points; it is a way to realign ourselves with our blueprint. 
This process involves realigning ourselves with the universal energy grid through a series of activations with specific frequencies that allow for profound healing and spiritual growth.

In "The Keys of Enoch," J.J. Hurtak PhD describes an activation process called Axiatonal Alignment, which emphasizes the importance of aligning our energy fields with the universal grid in order to achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual evolution.
This process involves the (re)activation of Axiatonal Lines, energetic pathways that connect different levels of our consciousness to higher-dimensional realities.
Hurtak's work offers a detailed Cosmology explaining how these connections facilitate the flow of divine energy, promoting physical health, spiritual evolution and a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.
(Cosmology seeks to understand the origin, evolution, structure and ultimate destiny of the universe, as well as the natural laws that sustain it.)

Some 20 years later, in the mid-1990s, Eric Pearl's seminal work "The Reconnection" introduced the idea of reconnecting with our original blueprint through a series of frequencies that promote healing and transformation.

Bashar's teachings on the Nine Layers (levels) of Consciousness and the template level (blueprint) clarify how our consciousness is structured into different layers, each with its own vibrational frequency and function.
By coming to better understand these levels and integrating the insights into our daily activities, we can navigate physical reality much more effectively and achieve greater clarity and influence in manifesting self-desired experiences.
The reality at the template level, resonating at 333 kHz, plays a central role in the process of manifestation as well as in the Cosmic Connection.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Cosmic Connection involves the evolution and activation of our DNA.
It is known that connecting to higher energy frequencies can lead to profound changes at the cellular level, including the activation of dormant DNA strands.
Kryon's teaching on the 12 layers of DNA provides a comprehensive understanding of how the different layers of our genetic potential are connected to the levels in our consciousness.

To further understand the potential of The Cosmic Connection, it is essential to also be familiar with the 12-chakra system, which expands the number of traditional seven chakras by five additional chakras that correspond to higher levels of spiritual consciousness and multidimensional energy.


The Essence of the Cosmic Connection

At the heart of the Cosmic Connection lies a process that consists of a series of activations using specific frequencies.
It involves a series of activations that are the first steps in a journey of discovery, alignment, and attunement that opens us to the full potential of our being.


Activation of Axiatonal Lines

The process of Axiatonal Alignment includes activating the Axiatonal Lines, the energetic pathways that connect us to the cosmic energy grid. 
These lines, which for the majority of humanity born before 2012 have been dormant or inactive, are reactivated to allow the flow of cosmic energy. 
During this process, a feeling of warmth, tingling or subtle vibrations may be experienced once this energy begins to flow through us.

Activation of Spinpoints

Once the Axiatonal Lines have been reactivated, the next step is to activate the spin points. 
Spinpoints are energetic vortexes where multiple Axiatonal Lines intersect, serving as critical nodes for the exchange of information and energy between different dimensions and levels of consciousness.

Activating these spin points facilitates the exchange of information and energy between different dimensions and layers of consciousness. 
This activation is the key to integrating higher frequencies of light and energy into our being.

Realigning with the Human Blueprint

The Cosmic Connection process essentially involves realigning with the human blueprint. 
This blueprint, which is the basis of the humanoid forms in our Universe, is known in mystical and esoteric traditions, especially in Kabbalistic teachings where it is called the Adam Kadmon, as also in the work of Hurtak.
This divine template represents our highest potential and serves as the basis for our spiritual evolution and our connection to the Universe.
By realigning ourselves with this blueprint, we restore our connection to the original state of balance and harmony. 
This alignment promotes the integration of cosmic principles into our daily lives and thus a deeper connection to the divine self.

Improving Mitochondrial Function

An often overlooked aspect of spiritual transformation involves the role of mitochondria.
In "The Keys of Enoch," Hurtak discusses how mitochondria, the energy producers in our cells, are integral to the process of spiritual transformation. 
Following the activation of Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points, mitochondria play a crucial role in generating and sustaining higher energy frequencies in our bodies.
This transformation in mitochondria is not a specific step in the process, but a consequence of the process. 
After the Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points are activated, the mitochondria in our cells gradually begin to transform over time, in accordance with the level of integration and changes in consciousness.
Hurtak explains that during spiritual transformation, the mitochondria become more crystalline structures, allowing them to support higher frequencies of light and energy. 
This transformation improves our overall vitality and resilience and supports our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 
By understanding the role of mitochondria in this process, we gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate connection between our physical body and the cosmic energy grid.

DNA has its own DNA, called Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which we inherit only through our mothers. Sperm cells contain a small amount of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), but during fertilization, almost all of the sperm's mitochondria are discarded or broken down.
As a result, the mitochondria and their DNA that we inherit come almost exclusively from the egg.
Therefore, mtDNA is used to trace the maternal lineage.
It is like a family tree going back through your mother, her mother, and so on.
"Mitochondrial Eve" is the name scientists give to the woman who lived in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago and is the direct maternal ancestor of all humans living today.
Mitochondrial changes are thought to be related to the activation of original codes in Mitochondrial DNA.

Although the Cosmic Connection is a very gentle process, it can sometimes lead to fatigue during its integration phase because these changes in the mitochondria involve a transformation of the energy system itself, while simultaneously producing the energy needed for that transformation.

Activation and Evolution of DNA

Another aspect of the Cosmic Connection process involves the activation and evolution of our DNA.
By integrating higher energy frequencies, inactive codes on the non-physical layers of DNA are activated, releasing more of our genetic potential.
This is a process that leads to a heightened state of consciousness, increased intuitive abilities and enhanced healing abilities.
It also initiates a process of self-healing in which all layers of our system are cleansed in accordance with the degree of integration and changes in our consciousness.

Integration of the Light Body

As our DNA develops, we also further integrate the light body, a higher-dimensional aspect of our being that holds and emits higher frequencies of light and consciousness. 
By integrating the light body, we increase our spiritual awareness and expand our understanding of our place in the cosmos. 
This integration is crucial to our spiritual evolution and helps us realize our highest potential as human beings and the purpose of our incarnation.


What to expect from a Cosmic Connection

A Cosmic Connection session with us is a profound and deeply personal experience. 
While no two Cosmic Connections are the same, here is what you can generally expect:


  1. Preparation:

    Before your session begins, we will guide you in your preparation. 
    This may include setting intentions, creating a calm and receptive mindset and making sure you are well rested.

  2. The Sessions:

    The Cosmic Connection is conducted in three separate sessions, the first two usually on consecutive days. 
    The third session is optional and can be done after a few months of integration of the new frequencies.
    Each session lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. 
    During the session you will lie comfortably while the practitioner works on activating the Axiatonal Lines and Spinpoints.

  3. The Process:

    The practitioner will first self-tune to the frequencies of the Axiatonal field and then use his hands to align and activate the Axiatonal Lines and Spinpoints in your energy system. 
    This is done without physical touch, using bundled energy and specific frequencies to stimulate the flow of light and information.
    Once your system resonates with these frequencies, you may experience sensations such as tingling, warmth or a gentle pulsing as you feel energy flowing through you.

  4. Integration:

    After the sessions, you may need some time to integrate the new energies and experiences. 
    We recommend taking it easy, drinking plenty of fluids and paying attention to any insights or changes that occur.

  5. Transformation:

    Many clients report profound changes in their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being over time after a Cosmic Connection. 
    This may include increased clarity, a sense of alignment with their life purpose, enhanced intuition and overall improved vitality.
    The time frame of change varies from person to person and ranges from a few weeks to a few months.



The Significance of the Number 333

The number 333 is considered important in our practice and its energy is integrated into our sessions and classes. 
The Cosmic Connection resonates strongly with the energy of 333, facilitating reconnection with our own blueprint, our Higher Self and the cosmic energy grid, and thus stimulating a our spiritual evolution.
Let's explore why 333 is so meaningful from different contexts:


Vibrational Frequency of the Template Level

The number 333 has profound significance in the field of spiritual transformation and The Cosmic Connection because the frequency of 333 kHz corresponds to the frequency of the Template Level Reality - the blueprint for our physical experiences. 

By tuning into this frequency, we tune into Template Level Reality.
It is at this vibrational level where the blueprints for our physical lives reside, containing the general themes, lessons and most important experiences we wish to explore in our incarnation.

The Template Level Reality (our blueprint), which resonates at a frequency of 333 kHz, is a layer in our consciousness through which through our Higher Mind projects itself into physical reality.
Through the enhanced connection to our blueprint, we can more easily communicate with our Higher Mind and therefore gain more influence over our physical experiences.
More on this in "The Nine Levels of Consciousness.

Master Number and Christ Consciousness

In numerology, 333 is considered a master number that represents spiritual awakening, growth and expansion. 
The number is often associated with the concept of Christ Consciousness, which symbolizes a state of higher consciousness and divine connection. 
Many people see the number significantly more often after Cosmic Connection, and then often precisely at times when important choices are being made. 
Seeing the number 333 repeatedly can be seen as a message from the universe, providing affirmation and encouragement to align with our higher purpose and rely on the support of the spiritual dimensions.

Extraterrestrial Contact

The number 333 also has special relevance in the context of extraterrestrial contact. 
It is often seen as a "phone number" for contacting hybrid children aboard their ships, waiting for the right moment for open contact with humanity. 
Moreover, the number of 333 is cited as the number of "safe havens" being prepared on Earth for the first "open contact" with extraterrestrial civilizations. 
These safe havens are intended for peaceful and harmonious interactions between humans and our cosmic friends.
In addition, 333 is associated with the number of "Precursors" - extraterrestrials who have been on Earth for decades. 
These Precursors are tasked with preparing humanity for open contact through various encounters and interactions, to raise our collective consciousness and prepare us for this important event.

Personal Transformation

On a personal level, encountering the number 333 can be a sign of encouragement and reassurance from the universe. 
It means that we are walking a path that is in alignment with our true core and that our efforts for spiritual growth and self-improvement are supported by higher realms. 
Aligning ourselves with the energy of 333 can contribute to enhanced intuition, greater clarity and a deeper connection with your inner self and the cosmos.



The Cosmic Connection in Our Practice

Over the past 30 years, the Reconnection has been a significant influence on our planet and has contributed to humanity's spiritual evolution.
However, as humanity has evolved, so has this amazing work.

And although the work we call The Cosmic Connection is rooted in Eric Pearl's Reconnection, in our practice it has evolved beyond its original form.
More is possible today than in the 1990s, as humanity's consciousness has evolved.

Since our certification in 2012 as Reconnection Practitioners, both Jacqueline and Philip have given Reconnection sessions to almost four hundred people, mostly resulting in remarkably beautiful transformations.

However, the Reconnection LLC organization has strict rules prohibiting any change, as well as any other form of "energy healing" other than Reconnection/ Reconnective Healing within one practice.
Their goal is to maintain the purity of their trademark (the name they have given to the process of Axiatonal Alignment) by excluding associations with all other forms of healing.
On June 2, 2017, Reconnection LLC decided to terminate our certification due to the other activities in our practice.

However, this separation from the Reconnection organization is actually a blessing because it has given us the freedom to share our experiences and knowledge with the world in integrity with the original source and develop our own training programs.

We have personally experienced the profound transformations of Axiatonal Alignment and witnessed the transformative effects on many, many others.
And we have chosen to continue and evolve this work under the name "The Cosmic Connection.

It has put us and many others on a path of deeper understanding of who we are, our purpose here on Earth and our place in the cosmos.

The Price of the Cosmic Connection

The price of the Cosmic Connection session in our practice is still 333 euros for the total process, because this master number symbolizes attunement to higher frequencies, divine guidance and activation of our original blueprint.
The optional third session is included in this price.
We invite you to this transformative journey with the Cosmic Connection !

Much love,
Jacqueline and Philip

A deeper dive into the Cosmic Connection | 333 | Axiatonal Alignment

In early 2020, our guides indicated that a "Reconnection-like" re-activation or alignment would be very helpful for humanity to more easily reach and maintain a higher frequency bandwidth and connect with its original blueprint, known as the Template Level of Reality.
Since then, we have experienced, discovered and learned so much more about this inspiring work that it seemed we were being prepared for something that was not fully visible to us at the time. 

Depuis, nous avons vécu, découvert et appris tellement de choses sur ce travail inspirant qu'il nous a semblé que nous étions préparés à quelque chose qui n'était pas tout à fait visible pour nous à l'époque.

Nous avons depuis mis nos expériences et nos connaissances sous diverses formes pratiques à partager avec le monde.
Nous proposons nos services sous la forme de :

  • Séances individuelles
  • Ateliers d'une journée
  • Ateliers de week-end
  • Programmes de formation
  • Programmes de formation

Nous avons également élargi notre site Internet pour y inclure des informations plus approfondies sur la connexion cosmique et l'alignement axiatonal.
Nous aimerions partager ces informations avec toi sur notre page Web La Connexion Cosmique : Une plongée plus profonde.



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