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The personality of the Sassani people

There is no translation available.


The Sassanni personality of course differs from being to being, but generally one could say their personality is a mix of the Zeta's telepathy, longevity, sensitivity, scientific and intellectual capacities as well as humanity's vital, emotional, sexual and physical aspects.
They also contain a very human like curiosity and the predilection for speedy advancement.
They are very likeable, are very rich with humor and fluid in their emotions.


The Sassanni people experiences are fully aware in the present and therefor they don't judge experiences.
They know that everything in the present reality is there for a reason and take any experience as a moment learning and growth.
They do not cause polarities, which is separating self from the experience and perception but exist fully in the unity of all things by being in the balance point, the center of the trinity.

The Sassanni people die consciously, even with their eyes open, chosen to be the right time to move on and expand.
There is no decay of the body for it converts instantaneously back into universal energy.

Their civilization operates completely synchronistic, which is typical of all advanced races.
No governments are required; they operate more by networks, on an individual and group basis.

Individuals or groups provide a needed service in such a manner that no monetary or barter system is necessary; everything is free.
There lifestyle is always 'very spontaneous, very joyful, very ecstatic'.