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The Pleiadians are humanoid beings, "in a sense your cousins"; an offshot of the original Orion diaspora. "When they transformed themselves from negative to positive and spread among the stars in a positive way, they also went to the Lyran systems — Lyran star systems — and developed civilizations there, but eventually also went to some of the Pleiadian star systems, and developed civilizations there. And because you also contain the idea of the Orion energies of transformation, then that also directly connects you to the Pleiadians, as a type of cousin, several times removed if you wish."

They are "to some degree the best representation of what your planet will become physiologically, when you develop the idea of star travel, when you develop the idea of a unified Earth in a positive way, when you develop the ideas of free energy, when you develop the ideas of true familiar sisterhood, and brotherhood, on your planet," it will be very similar (though unique) to "the way the Pleiadian societies exist now."

They "represent your best potential in 4th density transformational physical reality."



Orion, Earth and Pleiades coming to Full Cycle

Q: What is the relationship between Orion, the energies of Orion, and our present transitional Earth?

B: Thank you! Let us put it very simply for now, and very succinctly. Origin: Earth/Pleiades system in Lyra, split off – into Pleiades system and Orion. Pleiades system – retention of integration; Orion system – creation of separation and limitation.
Projection from Orion systems to idea in Earth system known as Maldek – former planet, now destroyed; projection from Maldek to Earth system – ideas of Lemuria and Atlantis, to the idea of the present Earth civilization.

Exploration of the blending of the polarities, positive and negative so as to form in some factions a feed-back system to original Orion systems experiencing negativity and suppression, so that they could also blend.
So that there can be, in round about ways, so to speak, re-blending, re-identification with original systems, original families, now to be found in Pleiades and to form reconnections after balancing, after transformation.

One direction is the path of integration. The other direction is the path of separation.
Now, full cycle, the rejoining of original families originated in Lyra.
Your direction, through Orion, through Maldek, to Earth. The other direction, to Pleiades.

Q: Are we all going to meet?
B: You have already begun to meet.

Q: So that asteroid belt near Mars...
B: Yes, Maldek. Self-destructed.

Q: Okay, thank you.
B: Thank you.