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Year: 2005
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  1. Telepathy
    (mental communication)
  2. “Sensitivity” or precognition
    (knowing the future)
  3. Telekinesis and psychokinesis
    (moving objects by mental concentration)
  4. Penetrating intuitiveness 
    (just “knowing” something without being told)
  5. Aura reading 
    (learning about another’s health, intentions, etc. by observing the energy field surrounding them)
  6. Psychic diagnosis 
    (“reading” the person’s energy field fluctuations)
  7. Psychic healing, bio-energetic healing and remote healing 
    (transferring helpful energy to a person)
  8. Remote viewing 
    (mentally seeing things distant in space or time)
  9. Invisibility work 
    (mentally making oneself “invisible”)
  10. Teleportation 
    (moving self or object from one locale to another by mental effort)
  11. Levitation 
    (rising from the ground by mental effort)
  12. Mental influencing
    (telepathically remote-influencing others)
  13. Earth energy adjustment work

  14. Pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters

  15. Time dilation or contraction 
    (causing events to take longer or shorter time than ordinary)
  16. Interdimensional awareness
    (inter-dimensional viewing)
  17. Close connection with a Star Visitor guide 

  18. Astral travel, out-of-body travel

  19. Affecting electric/electronic appliances 
    (e.g., devices turn on or blow out as the kid goes by)
  20. Cross-species communication
    (channeling as a conduit for a being to speak through)
  21. Psychometry


Source : Star Kids by Dr. Richard Boylan

Perhaps you recognize one or more of these qualities in yourself and are curious to know if you might be a Star Child.
This is a good moment to first fill in the Star Child identification questionnaire before you read on !


Social and Spiritual Applications of These Advanced Abilities

If you read this menu of things to the average citizen who has not been indoctrinated in the psychic paranormal reality that is the familiar world of Star Kids, they would think you're talking science fiction -if they don't think you're talking "looney bin."
But, it's not only real, it's personal for millions of Star Kids (and Star Seeds) around the world.
Now we're at a different phase in our human social evolution. Now it's going public.
Now it's going across society.

Our kids, many of them, are being bred with these characteristics as a given. It keeps spreading.
And as the reproductive genetic spread goes on, it will become normative in society.

If you want to see how the New Earth Society looks like, this is what you'll be looking at.
Now, why these special gifts?

These psychic powers are not just for showing off, and certainly not given for purposes of empowering one set of individuals to lord it over the rest, or to seek to control the rest.
Because we are a social species, there is a varied distribution of abilities and talents among the population.
No one person has every ability.
The distribution which nature unfolds in the population is designed to assure a widespread availability of needed special powers on occasions of need.
The distribution also assures a general empowerment, with no one individual all-powerful.

Here then is a brief discussion of each of the special powers discussed with examples of social purposes, the social and spiritual uses of these gifts, that give these special abilities their nature as gifts for humankind.

Psychic Abilities Of Star Children


Telepathy is unspoken thought communication, both incoming and outgoing.
Everybody who has had Star Visitor contact had the incoming form of telepathy. That's the only way, usually, that they talk to you. And it makes for deep social connection.
Telepathy is not usually transferring sentence strings-of-words into another person’s mind.
More often it consists of sending across a total impression.

Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) share mental telepathic ability.
When in a group, they create a shared mental field, a mind-field commons. Such an environment fosters honesty, transparency, trust, openness, mutual availability, mutual caring.
It’s no use trying to hide anything; you just look evasive, and are mentally exposed to others anyway.
Such mutual telepathy is a major building block in creating the New World cosmic society, with high values of transparency, trust, and caring.

2-“Sensitivity” or precognition  

Precognition means 'knowing' the future.
Sometimes it takes the form of “hunches” that just happen to come true, time and time again.
Sometimes it comes in the form of a flash of a vision, or even a sustained vision, of an event or situation off in the future.
Psychics who work with precognition will tell you that attaching a time-line (“date-stamping”) the foreseen event is the hardest part of precognition.
Some of the difficulty in determining when a foreseen event will unfold is because so much of the future is contingent on human decisions not yet made.
And because free will is involved, people in the future can be likely to do “A”, but then change their mind at the last minute and untypically do “B”.

Star Kids with such developed talents are sort of like the Indian scouts of old, up in the trees saying, "There's buffalo over that next hill. Let's go get them and have something to the tribe to eat."
The precognitive “Indian scouts” of the Fifth World Society will be seeing probable futures, because no future is absolutely cast in stone.
They're highly probable, based on current circumstances confluencing together in the most likely way.
That's as close as anybody can get to the future, because of free will and chaotic, often somewhat-random inter-pinging of events.

Even for a subatomic particle at Los Alamos, our scientists can't say for sure whether the particle going go through one grid or another, because of the "uncertainty principle."

Anyway, we have probable futures. And if the precognitive experts in our “star tribe” can point that out, that allows us as a society to say, "Hmmm, unless we do something, such and such is going to happen.
If we'd like it, fine, let's keep on doing what we're doing. If we don't like it, whoa!, let's see what we can do to change it."
So, it is easy to say that there is a benefit to society from that kind of ability.

3-Telekinesis and psychokinesis 

This is the ability to modify things by focused mental effort alone.
The classic example is lifting something up. Some of you have seen that movie, "Bless the Child," where the little girl rotates an object in mid-air just by mental thought.
There it is. A number of Star Kids can do that and affect other kinds of physical objects.
As they say ... "I've been known to cheat a little on bowling, when the bowling ball's going down the alley and headed for the gutter-I project a pushing force a little bit on this side, a little bit on that side, until it heads towards some pins for a score."
Some of the Star Kids have admitted to me (Dr. Boylan) that they use psychokinesis to “help” a pinball game go better. Or a basketball actually fly into the hoop.

We're moving to a stage of mind over matter -mentally-assisted vehicle guidance, for instance. That technology already exists.
Many experiencers have "taken the wheel," if you will, in a saucer, and after a little coaching mentally guided it in doing its maneuvers.
The Star Visitor civilizations do it by mind alone -there's no joy stick. Some of our advanced classified military fighters and fighter pilots are doing that, only they use helmet technology which has been adapted from Star Visitor technology.
They think, and their helmet accepts their electroencephalogram waves without wires, by radio pickup, and translates the signal into aileron and rudder control in the craft.
That's not quite mental telekinesis, but it's pretty close; it's a mechanical model of it, a technological derivative product.
In actual telekinesis, a Star Kid has stopped a heavy rolling cart that would have otherwise injured another person.

4-Penetrating intuitiveness

Penetrating intuitiveness is being able to see into a situation and know exactly what's going on with the agendas without anybody briefing you; to see a story in the paper and know just what's going on behind the scenes making that happen.
Or looking at a person and just getting a clear impression of what's going on with them.
Social discernment could be one benefit. If all of us can pick up when something is "loaded" -it's not right, and there's some hidden agenda -it's going to be much harder to pull a lot of political and social scams that are now floating successfully.
Maybe in Fifth World there will be new leaders - the 'No B...S... Party. What a refreshing idea.

5-Aura reading 

Aura reading is seeing and reading the bio-electromagnetic-photonic field around another person, animal or plant, etc.
We all have auras around us, a kind of visible illuminated diaphanous halo around our body, most noticeable in the head and shoulders area.
People can be taught how to see the aura. And of course, the more you practice, the more you develop the ability.
Being able to read an aura is a potential which can readily be put to good use.
Aura-reading is not only seeing colors around another person, but to see where the field is fuller or diminished, or even has little bits of absence.
As you learn to tell these things, you can learn such refinements of interpretation as being able to diagnose mental or physical illness, for example, by differences in the aura around a person.

This allows each Star Kid to discern the other people around her.
How are they doing today? And if they're coming from an unsettled, dark place, she can spot that.
If they need a little help, be it physical or emotional, it can perhaps trigger her psychic healing or telepathically-delivered empathy.

6-Psychic diagnosis 

This is the ability to obtain information about a person’s health condition by non-physical and non-medical means.
In one common approach, the person being diagnosed lies flat on a couch.
The psychic diagnoser passes his hand over the other’s body about 2-3 inches out from the body, and feels whether there is any change or anomaly in the energetic field which emanates from the patient’s body.
Sometimes the anomaly in the field takes the form of a cooler (or warmer) area than the field as a whole.
Sometimes it takes the form of an energy “spike” in the field, either a significant up-tick in energy or drop in energy.
Some Star Kids do not have to use their hands at all. They just stand in front of the person and get an impression.
Sometimes the impression is in their mind. Sometimes the Star Kid feels it in her body as a twinge or other noticeable spot that corresponds to the same place in the patient which is actually hurting or ill.
Some talented Star Kids don’t even have to be in the same room as the patient to get a good reading on them. Or not even in the same town, the same state, or same hemisphere.

Imagine this more general ability to detect illness, injury, or disease by scanning the field which each person’s body generates.
In a Star Kid Workshop I (Dr. Boylan) conducted in 2003, Star Kids were readily able to run their hand over the boundary of the energy field around a volunteer patient (with a real, unrevealed illness), and determine where an illness was located.
In one case the patient protested that he had no illness in a left shoulder area identified as a trouble spot.
A couple of weeks later the patient contacted me and said that he had developed a soreness in the precise area spotted at the Workshop.
Evidently that Star Kid was sensitive enough to detect an injury whose effect would not be felt for several weeks.

7-Psychic healing, energetic healing and remote healing 

This is the ability to achieve healing in another person without medical instrumentation and medicine.
This kind of healing is done in a variety of ways. Some Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) draw energy from cosmos/universe/channeled sources above and also from Mother Earth below, then draw that energy into their body and finally direct it outward.
They often use their arm as a channel and the vertically-uplifted palm as a outlet, directing the healing energy towards the place in the patient which is ill or injured.

We don't want to throw out all allopathic medicine. It has its place. But it isn't always going to be available during the Times of Transition up ahead.
And there are some things allopathic medicine can't fix, (such as fulminating cancer, advanced AIDS, and blindness), which psychic healing can.
So, it's like you have two hands. Yes, you can cut off one and still function, but most people would rather have two.
We can use both psychic healing and appropriate modern medical advances (some of the latter advances inspired by back-engineered Star Visitor technology.)

What good is psychic diagnosis without psychic healing for the malady diagnosed?
Earlier in 2004 I (Dr. Boylan) taught a siblingship of a brother and sister to do psychic healing of their mother, after they had successfully learned to do psychic diagnosis.
The mother had incurable ovarian cancer, and had told me privately that she was not expected to make it, but had not shared that part with her children, so as not to frighten them.
Imagine the stunned joy I (Dr. Boylan) felt when five months later the mother phoned me up to say that her cancer was gone!

Psychic healing is also useful in going beyond traditional medicine for situations where you can't get to traditional help or in situations where traditional medicine has nothing more to offer.
Or maybe as an alternative choice, when a person would be rather be healed psychically than visit their doctor.
Also, psychic healing is not confined to situations where the patient is present in front of the psychic healer.
Where circumstances prevent that, for example the patient is cut off in a disaster from being able to get through on roads, psychic healing can be telepathically and telekinetically projected to the distant patient.

8-Remote viewing 

Remote viewing is otherwise known as clairvoyance.
This is a skill which enables the Star Kid to see people, places, events and situations which are not physically present, or which took place in the past, or in the future.
It is a mental journey across the space-time fabric to a different set of coordinates, and a viewing of what is going on there.

For those readers who are ready to throw up their hands and exclaim that this is impossible, let me assure you that your hard-earned tax dollars have been funding research, development, and deploying of CIA, Army Intelligence, and DELTA Force remote viewers, trained in classified government installations, since the 1970s.
And they have had enough success that they are used for elite missions, such as locating where Saddam Hussein was hiding, and the crash location of a downed UFO.

A Star Kid told me of remote viewing an automobile crash that would happen to his family if they got in their car for a weekend drive.
He warned his mother who would have been driving a certain route. She avoided that route. Later the family read in the paper about a terrible wreck that occurred to someone else at the same location foreseen by the Star Kid.
More generally, society will benefit from these Kids’ ability to engage in seeing the past, or the future, and learning from past mistakes or seeing future probabilities, and fostering good possibilities with supportive energy.

9-Invisibility work 

This refers to the psychic power to make oneself invisible.
In highly adept individuals, this involves making oneself objectively optically invisible.
More commonly, such invisibility results from exerting mental influence on the people around you so that they just don’t seem to notice you are in the area, although technically they could see you if they regained their perspicacity and paid attention in the zone where you are standing (or sitting).

Imagine this power in the hands of a ten-year-old child.
You're a parent looking for him, it's time to come in and help straighten up his room. Now, where did that kid go?
Star Kids have told about playing such invisibility pranks on parents or friends.

In certain situations, a person may need protective privacy.
Star Kids and adult Star Seeds have foreseen a turbulent future in the next few years.
In such times of peril, the ability to be undetected could be a distinct advantage.


Teleportation is the ability to have an object that used to be in one place relocate by pure mental concentrated effort, and now be over in another place.
Some very adept indigenous shamans on Earth can do that.
Some Star Kids and experiencers can also teleport an object. One of the uses I (Dr. Boylan) have heard most frequently about is finding a lost or stolen object.
The Star Kid might focus on the object, visualize it carefully in his mind, send out mental “reaching” towards the object, and draw it gently towards its former location.
He might also set an intention that the object have time to relocate and appear the next day in its rightful place. And then next day, lo and behold, there sits the medallion on the former location.

In the turbulent times ahead, teleportation would be an attractive option for those important, urgent deliveries that just can't wait for 'FedEx', if it is even available.
And given the Time of Transition just up ahead, there will be circumstances when 'FedEx' won’t be around to make the run.


Levitation is antigravity without the antigravity craft drive.
More specifically, levitation refers to the psychic ability to personally gently and slowly rise off the ground without use of any physical force or means.
I (Dr. Boylan) know of a six-year-old Star Kid, Katrina, who has the practice of daily meditation.
She sat cross-legged on a floor mat in a quiet alcove of her house. One day her mother walked quietly by, peeked in, and saw Katrina floating several inches above the floor.

Some Star Kids (and Star Seeds) and other psychic adepts can make another person or a solid object float above the ground.
But this is not really levitation, but rather projected telekinetic force.

12-Mental influencing 

This is a special use of mental telepathic thought-transfer, placing a thought or idea or suggested behavior gently or strongly into another person’s mind to influence them to think or act in a certain manner.
If that other person is not psychically aware, they might even think that the thought or impulse is their own idea.

My favorite example of mental influencing is in the first "Star Wars" movie, which came out almost three decades ago.
The Imperial storm troopers come marching up to Obi Won Kenobe and Luke Skywalker, and the two droids they have with them.
The storm troopers are looking for the droids, because they contain downloaded information that's dangerous to the Empire.
It's terribly important to the Rebel Alliance that the droids not be captured.
And so, as the Imperial captain marches up, Obi Won Kenobe thinks telepathically to the captain -(and you can hear it in the sound track) -"These are not the droids you want."
And sure enough, the captain turns around to his men and says, "These are not the droids we want."
And then Obi Won says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go."
Then the captain turns around to his men and says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go."
This is a cinematic illustration of the art of mental influencing.

Genuine mental influencing is interpersonal, is done within ethical boundaries, and is used for helpful or at least harmless purposes.
Star Kids can use this ability to encourage and support those people who are doing difficult work. 
You know, it isn't about mind control. It can be supportive and friendly, giving somebody in a tough situation a little extra boost from the outside. 
A number of people on a Star Kids/Star Seeds communication list which I (Dr. Boylan) facilitate have placed a request on-line asking for other Starfolk to send positive and supportive mental messages when the member had a difficult medical challenge to address.

The following is an analogous example.
A Star Seed in an internet group tells the other members that her husband has suddenly fallen ill and faces emergency open-heart surgery in the morning.
The Star Seed sends out a request for all those Star Kids and Star Seeds on-line to send thoughts of support, strength, and positive expectation to her stricken husband.
On a slightly less altruistic plane, a Star Kid told me about mentally influencing her mother to allow her a second helping of dessert.

13-Earth energy adjustment work

Star Kids, utilizing spiritual psychics, have done work to try and smooth out some of Earth's energetic and physical perturbations.
This includes such things as trying to calm down hurricanes that are beginning to develop, or smooth down tectonic plate movements, so the earthquakes that are building up won't be quite as violent, or trying to smooth Earth energy field disturbances from all the nuclear weapons and pollution and wars which resonate with Earth, and smooth that energy out.
Mother Earth, Gaia, is after all a conscious organism, as even some of our physical scientists have now conceded.

Note, this is one of the many ways extraterrestrial civilizations are supporting us in this age of Earth's great transformation.

14-Pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters  

This gift is a special kind of sensitivity to such turbulent events, such as an impending car crash.
It is not so much a seeing (remote viewing) of the future event, but an internal feeling in the Star Kid’s body.
Sometimes this takes the form of a vibratory feeling, or an ache in one part of the child’s body.
Over time, the child learns to associate that special vibration or ache with a disaster event that later appears on the news, or happens to the child and her family.

15-Time dilation or contraction

This refers to the application of psychic/mental force to alter the amount of time during which an event occurs.
An example of time contraction, for example, is making a journey a lot shorter that it normally would be.
That is to say, to go from one town to another on a trip that should take an hour, instead takes a Star Seed driver 40 minutes without any speeding or short-cuts.
Time contraction is done when it's terribly important to get there more quickly than “possible”.

Is that possible? Yes.
Time dilation involves application of psychic power to fit more of an experience into a limited time frame than is ordinarily “possible” to do, that is, to “slow down” the passage of time, because what is going on is very special.
As an example, a seventh grade Star Kid was out at night aboard a Star Craft attending an important briefing on upcoming events and his role and mission in them.
Yet he has a book report to write for his school class, and only fifteen minutes until the school bus comes.
Ordinarily such a report would require the Star Kid to spend an hour and yet the Star Kid does a respectable job on the report and has it written by the time the bus comes.

16-Interdimensional awareness 

This refers to being able to sense beings from another dimension.
Or being able to move across the "dimensional barrier" and sensing what's going on in another world.

Other dimensions exist.
Our advanced physicists and mathematicians have calculated that there are at least 11 dimensions, e.g. Edward Witten of the Institute For Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

A number of Star Kids have this ability to perceive beyond our conventional three dimensions-plus-time (a fourth dimension).
Since some of the Star Visitors inform us that they come from other dimensional space, this ability to see cross-dimensionally is helpful in engaging in contact.

Needless to say, military intelligence organizations seek to harness this ability also, but to do it using technology.
In fact, I (Dr. Boylan) was recently given some information by my ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contact that this technology has been achieved at Los Alamos National Labs (LANL).
There an interdimensional portal has been created using extremely high-powered holographic technology.
LANL have sent a person through. On the other side, the test subject accessed another world. What he saw both intrigued and unsettled him.
One of the scientists involved in this project was Dr. Wen Ho Lee, a scientist who several years back became famous in the headlines.
Dr. Lee reportedly knew about a lot more delicate stuff than nuclear bomb designs, (by now a 50-year-old technology.).
Because Dr. Lee was involved with the interdimensional portal project, LANL felt it very important to keep his mouth zipped tightly shut.

Some Star Seeds whom I (Dr. Boylan) talk to are amused by how the government and the military always have to construct elaborate machinery to attempt to duplicate the psychic feats which come naturally to so many Star Kids.

Many of our Star Visitors are coming across dimensions, and when we see them, we're not just seeing somebody who came in a high-tech vehicle from another star system.
We're seeing folks who jumped dimensions.
Often they have trouble getting into third-dimensional density here.
They are kind-of fuzzy on the edges of our three-dimensional world.
It's as dense as they can stand being without getting what we experience as a migraine.
If we Starfolk can reach across halfway and meet them with some interdimensional awareness, the connections are that much easier to make.

17-Connection with Star Visitor Guides

Star Kids and older Star Seeds have talked about having special “guardian angels” offer some suggestions and hints for us as well as downloading information.
As Fifth World society accepts the reality of these star-being Guides, our society is going to be that much richer for having their wisdom and guidance.

This is not so much a psychic ability as a special companionate experience which tends to generate psychic abilities. 
This experience happens in one of several ways. 
One of the more common is a Star Visitor consciousness coming within the mental space of a human Star Kid or Star Seed and being present temporarily or long-term as an additional consciousness presence.
Typically the Star Visitor (disembodied) consciousness visits to serve as a Guide to the Star Kid, and/or to learn more about Earth civilization as experienced through the Star Kid’s perception.

18-Astral travel, out-of-body travel

This is the ability which involves a person’s consciousness/self/personhood leaving their physical body and going elsewhere in space and/or time for a while.
Star Kids frequently know how to this, or the experience just happens with them spontaneously.
Many of us as experiencers, and those of us who are researcher-therapists, have run across astral travel as one of the preferred ways in which Star Visitors make contact with humans.
If I make an oversimplified template of how contacts go as a pattern, often the Star Visitors soften up the beachhead with a physical encounter.

They show up in the flesh and the experiencer says, "Oh, my God, they're real. They're visiting me."
After s/he gets over that, often the subsequent encounters take place in the astral, out-of-body mode.
The Star Seed is lying in bed, her body stays in bed, and then her conscious self goes elsewhere, maybe up on a craft, is with them, gets information, has communication, is shown things, then comes back down into the physical body.
She finishes sleeping, and wakes up in the morning with information and memories she went to bed not knowing.

And for the Star Visitors, out-of-body travel is a lot easier than running antigravity discs through U.S. military radar nets, trying to get down to Earth’s surface and physically bring aboard craft one or more persons from the Earth's surface -and more efficient.
This is a preferred way of doing a lot of contact with the Star Visitors, and other contact.
Another instance of nontraditional contact, achieved by out-of-body travel, is connecting with relatives who have departed this life.

19-Affecting electric/electronic appliances

This is not about the passive influence of a Star Kid’s bio-electromagnetic-photonic field on such mundane things as a street light as we discussed earlier.
Rather, what is referred to here is the conscious directing of mental and/or physical energy so as to affect the operation of an electric device or the circuitry of an electronic device by affecting its electromagnetic field.
Star Kids have done things like get dead flashlight batteries to work.
Or getting a broken radio to work again.

20-Cross-species communication

An ability to telepathically and intuitively connect with another species, be it terrestrial animal, or plant, or a Star Visitor race.
The communication includes receiving messages from the other species and sending messages.
This communication can be, as several Star Kids have told me, knowing what their pet is thinking and feeling.
Or making mental connection with a dolphin at Marine World.
Cross-species communication with plants is part of the process some Star Kids use in doing healing work with sick or “dead” plants.


This involves the ability to learn some information about, say, a person by handling some object, such as the person’s keys or a piece of jewelry they have worn.
This is based on the understanding that all objects carry a frequency “signature”.
In doing psychometry the Star Kid connects her frequency with the frequency of the object.

Source : Star Kids by Dr. Richard Boylan

Just imagine how life of Earth will change with these abilities!
Star Children remember their connection to Source and are the future of the New Earth.
As those of us who have been on a spiritual path activate our DNA, it is the Star Children that may help us remember how to use a particular ability.

With the earth changes coming up, we're probably all going to have to get fairly busy to modify some of the rather dramatic cataclysms that otherwise are building.
With many Star Kids and Star Seed adults potentially available for this important task, it will be important to “wake up” all the many “Latent” Star Kids, who still don’t know who they are, or what their powers fully are.

The cosmic waves of higher consciousness are affecting every living thing on the planet.
The Star children may become our guides on Earth and will help us to better connect with even higher frequency guidance when our DNA becomes activated.
They will also help us to re-connect with our Star Family so that we can fully understand how to begin a life on the New Earth as a New Human embodied as Source.


Other Characteristics of Star Children

  1. Star Children possess large eyes with an intense stare.
  2. They have magnetic personalities.
  3. They are highly affectionate.
  4. They start talking late in childhood.
  5. They are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking.
  6. Star Children use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate.
  7. They may be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome.
  8. Star Children are even-tempered, sweet, and loving.
  9. They are forgiving of others.
  10. They are highly sensitive and empathetic.
  11. They are very much connected to nature and animals.
  12. Star Children exhibit healing abilities.
  13. Star Children are quite interested in crystals and rocks.
  14. Star Children often discuss angels, spirit guides and past-life memories.
  15. Star Children are extremely artistic and creative.
  16. Star Children prefer vegetarian meals and juices to “regular food”.
  17. Star Children may be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance.
  18. Star Children are sensitive to loud noise.
  19. Star Children are sensitive to crowds.
  20. Star Children are sensitive to temperature.
  21. Star Children are sensitive to clutter and disorganization.
  22. Star Children are sensitive to chaotic environments.
  23. Star Children are sensitive to artificial ingredients and chemicals.