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Just as Humanity is shifting from 3rd to 4th density and the Essassani are shifting from 4th to 5th density, the Sirians are shifting from 5th to 6th density.
They are both non-physical and physical, the physical part being represented by amphibious-style, "salamanderish" sort of beings.
They live both in and above water on their planet.

They have visited the Earth a number of times, including in ancient times.
The most well-known case is their contact with the Dogon people of Africa and they taught them such things as agriculture, mathematics, and celestial phenomenology.
The name they have for themselves is "Oss". The name the Dogon used, Nommos, really meant "we are Oss".

The 6th density aspect of the Sirians is a higher-order consciousness that allows you the opportunity, by tapping into that vibration, to really, as you would say, 'pull yourself up by your own boot straps', to really align with a very high frequency energy that can help download information and knowledge to you, on a vast array of subjects, that can aid and assist you, in life; that can really amplify and magnify, the connection between your Physical Mind and your non-physical Higher Mind.
Because they exist in a very, very high vibrational state, of Higher Mind, and in many ways they function in alignment, in allegiance, in alliance, with our own Essassani Higher Mind.
And the amplification of the Higher Mind of Earth, the Higher Mind of Essassani, the Higher Mind of Sirius, is a very formidable triad of energy that you can tap into for all forms of creative expression, informational downloads, inspirational ideas, to aid in assist you in many creative ways.

So, just by meditating on that symbol, the Sirius symbol, the vibrational phone number if you will, you can allow yourself within 15 minutes maximum to drift into the frequency domain that is represented by the blending of the physical Sirius amphibians and the non-physical Sirius consciousness, and allow yourself to align with that in any creative endeavor, and come from that energy, to allow your inspiration to freely flow, in an extatic state while you are creating."

The Sirians also contain some of the original protosapien and reptilian genetic material that connects them fully to your planet Earth, so they really are genetic family to you, in many ways.
And that is why these vibrational symbols will work well for you as permission slips, because you really do have a familial connection in your genetics.
Thus by focusing and meditating on these vibrational symbols you can open up those genetic frequencies and really tap into other members of the family that are spread among the stars, and make connections that will allow you to function in a more holistic way not only on your own planet but also with regard to the idea of entering the galactic alliance that you will eventually become a member of.

Source : Bashar-Interstellar Enneagram


Cetaceans : Dolphins and Whales

Another civilization, composed of both semi-physiological and completely nonphysiological beings, is a civilization orbiting the star called Sirius.
Sirius is at the peak of our triad and represents the further step in the evolution we are going through on Essassani and you are going through on Earth – and which both of us will accomplish in time.
The level of consciousness from Sirius that is mostly in contact with your world is the non-physical sixth-density level of consciousness that goes by the name of Siskeen.
These beings have been in telepathic communication with members of your society for quite some time, and are responsible for some of the mythological manifestations in your perception of the amphibious gods – those from your Sumerian cultures, some of your African tribal cultures and your American Indian recognitions.

Although they do have a semi-physical counterpart that to some degree is physiologically amphibious, you have perceived them as amphibious beings because they exist in an energy sea.
One of the reasons for this particular manifestation being very strongly connected to your planet also has to do with the fact that as we scan your Earth, we find that there is not one, but two alien civilizations on your planet: land humans and water cetaceans.
Dolphins and whales are thinking, self-incarnating, self-aware souls like yourselves. They are not animals, as you classify them in that sense.
So do recognize that your planet is blessed with two civilizations that can work side by side and learn to love one another and grow in creativity.
They have already begun to assist you by entering your dream states and teaching you how to play in spontaneous ecstasy. Go to them; share with them. They love you. 

Because of their environment, they have been in telepathic communication with many different civilizations off your planet for quite some time.
They have an especially strong connection with the Sirius civilization, since they have much in common as a consciousness, and are telepathic. 

Whales are to some degree the embodiment in physical terms of the higher consciousness of the dolphin.
You simply do not have a physiological manifestation of your higher consciousness, because the gravity of your world would not support it.
So it is up to you to be both the manifestation of the individual consciousness and the higher consciousness itself.
Usually you relegate the higher consciousness into non-physical whereas the higher consciousness of the dolphin can manifest physically as the whale because of the buoyant environment of your ocean.
But they are there to assist you, to love you. When you blend as one society that will also make it easier for you to interact with other whole societies.
So now look at this sparkling opportunity you have created.
You do not have to go anywhere to interact with an alien civilization; you have one in your own various oceans.
Learn to communicate with them and they will teach you much about the way you will be communicating with all other civilizations you will encounter.

Three Levels of being

Something that we have not completely discussed before in specific detail is that Sirius has interacted with your civilization from many different levels. For in the past they have had a more physiological counterpart that to some degree interacted with some of you from time to time in you’re past cultures – not only telepathically, but somewhat physiologically.
We discussed with you once that as yours is the third planet from your sun, so is our world Essassani the third planet from our sun. We have also said that the planet that is represented by the Sirius consciousness is also in a sense third from their sun, but not third in the same way – not spatially but dimensionally. For there are three levels of the civilization of Sirius – one fourth density, one fifth density, and one that you may be most familiar with through these interactions, the sixth density level of Siskeen.
Here they are totally non-physical beings, as you would understand physicality, and exist more or less in an energy state, an energy sea.

Their ancient fourth-density representative selves were to some degree amphibious, as perceived by many of your ancient cultures, but not exactly to the degree that they were described in the ancient American Indian, African and Sumerian lore.
They were not literally half fish as these cultures have understood and represented them.
Among many other reasons, this is why there is such a strong state of identification between the Sirius civilization and the civilization on your planet you call the dolphins and the whales, and why they have been in telepathic communication for many thousands of your years.
They are similar in energy format in many ways.

While the physiological configuration of the old fourth density Sirius civilization was not like your dolphin and whale civilization, their energy was sufficient to cause camaraderie, empathy, and an identification to take place.
And so their communications have been ongoing for quite some time, even while the land human civilization on your planet has been waking up from its deep sleep of forgetfulness.
Those interactions that took place here and there are to some degree responsible for some of the representations of cultural, religious, political, and economic ideas that manifested and blossomed on your planet.
We do not wish to impart the impression that extraterrestrials are completely responsible for the entire idea of your cultural or sociological phenomena. No.
But some interaction has taken place and has created changes in the course of how you view events as a society.

Because none of you are original to your planet anyway, you all have connections of a sort to other dimensions, other levels of existence that were established from time to time in various other modalities.
As the Sirius civilization progressed and accelerated, in your terms evolution took place – while changing from their fourth-density state into the more quasi-physical, non-physical fifth density state, and then into a completely non-physical sixth density life, as we have said.
But to some degree, because in a sense all realities exist at the same time, all interactions on all levels are still taking place, especially because in your civilization you are still awakening out of third density into your own fourth-density manifestation.

The Sirius society does somewhat represent our own (Essassani) higher Consciousness. 
They are representative of the evolution our civilization is most directly headed for, as we move into the idea of fifth density from our fourth-density existence, the last stage of physicality.
As you move into that last stage of fourth-density physicality, you will eventually in a sense take our place in the triad.
We will then be at the peak of the triad, as Sirius moves on to another idea altogether.
And then another civilization will fill your shoes in our triad. As we have said, most likely this will be the civilization in the Barnard star cluster. 

The Sirius civilization is very much in an energy sea; they are in a state of complete consciousness. If you wish any kind of a representation of their world as such, we can give this physiological analogy that you can perhaps relate to: imagine a ball of clear light, clear energy on the surface. As you sink slowly into it, it becomes a white, white, white energy.
As you go more toward the center, it then condenses and collapses into a bright electric blue, electromagnetic energy.
And at the very center is what you could typically call a black hole gate. 
This idea of their existence, existing as energy forms in an energy sea, allows them to either project themselves telepathically as individuals or as one homogenous energy, one homogenous consciousness. To some degree it can be said, technically speaking, that they do this projection and communication with other civilizations through that black hole gate at the very center of their world.
It is an interdimensional gate that links to all levels, all dimensions, and through which they can communicate in either direction -- with any level, any dimension. 

Thus this gate now has allowed them to step up their ability to communicate with many of you, now that you as a civilization have stepped up your ability to receive the idea of higher vibrations.
Let me remind you once again that biological life is the most efficient transmitter and receiver.
As each one of you, in your own way, in your own time, decide to open yourselves up to more expressiveness of the consciousness you are, more recognition and expressiveness of the frequency you are, you will become more sensitized to the frequency in which they are always bathing . . . and beaming to your world from.
They are always sending an unbroken radiation of unconditional love and energy, thought forms and thought patterns for you to tap into. 

Source : Bashar-Let's Get Sirius



I was wondering if you could articulate a little more on the Arcturus energy being on a different level from the triad.

We can put it briefly that your planet, our civilization, and the civilization of Sirius together combine for one consciousness, as well as, and apart from, the three distinct civilizations within it. 
And that one consciousness finds itself being one part of an overall triad, of which Arcturus is also one of the overall consciousnesses. 
The other third besides our triad is Polaris.

It is very simple. You have, let us say, Sirius, Earth and Essassani. 
Those three form one triangle. The energy you are perceiving from Arcturus – that is another triangle; Polaris is another one. 
So each one of those respectively has three components within it, and together the three triangles form another whole consciousness that is also a part of another triad yet again. 
And on and on and on goes the pattern.


What is the name of our collective consciouness ?

It can generally be refereed to as any one of the names that represent the overall collective consciousness within each and every civilization. 
Thus for Sirius it would be Siskeen, and for us, Shakana. For you it is the Christ Consciousness.

I've heard something about how we're moving very close in the direction of Polaris.

Yes. Again, that is because like Arcturus, it is one of the major constituents of the overall consciousness triad that is represented by the main group. 
As Arcturus represents the emotional side, and as Earth, Essassani and Sirius represent generally a collective idea of mentality, in a certain way Polaris (by your instinctive name) represents the idea of the polarities that you are now blending together – positive energy and negative energy in and of itself. 
Thus, as you are now forming integration, and making positive and negative into one reality, so are you deriving a degree of physiological affinity in the direction of Polaris, because that is your indicator. 
It is the indicator of the theme in your integration – the blending of the polarities.

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