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In dit uitgebreide boek legt Zoosh uit: " Jullie zijn de beschaving van onderzoekers. Leer meer over jullie reis voordat jullie naar deze Aarde kwamen, jullie evolutie hier op aarde, en wat er nog te gebeuren staat." Onderwerpen variëren van ET's en UFO's tot relaties.

"Jullie individuen die dit lezen zijn waarlijk een resultaat van het genetische experiment op Aarde. Jullie zijn wezens die de principes van de Explorer Race hooghouden. De informatie in dit boek is bedoeld om jullie te laten zien wie jullie zijn en om jullie een evolutionair begrip van jullie verleden te geven dat jullie op dit moment zal helpen. De sleutel tot empowerment in deze dagen is om niet alles te weten over je verleden, maar om te weten wat je nú zal helpen.

"Jullie zielen zijn hier al een tijdje op Aarde en zijn getraind in Aardse omstandigheden. Deze scholing is zo ontworpen dat jullie de mogelijkheid hebben om alle niveaus van verantwoordelijkheid te onderzoeken - resultaten, effecten en gevolgen - en nog meer verantwoordelijkheden op je te nemen.

"Je belangrijkste functie op dit moment is je status van Creator Leerling, die je hebt bereikt door jaren en levens lang zwoegen. Je krijgt voortdurend verantwoordelijkheden van de Schepper die normaal gesproken dingen zijn die de Schepper ook doet. De verantwoordelijkheid en het lot van jullie, de Explorer Race, is niet alleen om te verkennen, maar ook om te creëren.


Chapter 1: The Explorer Race Is ReadyThe Explorer Race - Robert Shapiro

- The Value of Struggle and Discomfort
- You’re Ready Now
- Negativity and Compassion
- The Return of Joy and Self-Approval
- Appreciating Your Body and Emotions
- Trust and Appreciation
- Allowance


Chapter 2: The Genetic Experiment on Earth

- The First Terra
- Curiosity and Struggle
- Earth: Planet of the Seekers
- The Zetas
- Need for a Zeta-Human Hybrid
- Human Evolution
- The Hybrid Race
- Experiencing Energies Projected from ET Vessels
- Feeling a Sense of Home — Being a Dolphin


Chapter 3: The Great Experiment: Earth Humanity

- Technology Is Not a Measure of Advancement
- Zetas, Watchers of the Experimental Stew
- Human Curiosity
- Emotions, the Fuel of Creation
- The Equality of Human-ET Interchange
- Violence, Anger and the Will to Live
- Need for Zeta Reticuli Hybrids
- Contact with the U.S. Government
- Zeta Reproduction and Race Consciousness
- The Process of Earth Human Being
- Cattle Mutilations: Sirian-Gifted Instruments Used by Humans
- Earth Devic Energy


Chapter 4: ETs Talk to Contactees

- Time to Take a Quicker Way
- Use All Your Senses to Manifest
- Earth Experiment Needed Your Veiling
- Your Personal Energy Harmonic
- Orion’s Role
- Soul-Braids and Imagination
- Exercises to Initiate ET Interactions
- Dolphins of the Future
- The Pineal Gland Converts Thought to Matter
- War and the Immune System


Chapter 5: Becoming One with Your Future Self

- The Zeta Connection: Our Future Selves
- Simultaneous Lives Necessary for Phase Shift
- The Pleasures of Separation, the Importance of Integration
- Earth As an Axis to Shift the Universe


Chapter 6: ET Interaction with Humanity

- Recent Zeta Returning Visit
- Changes in Earth’s Rotation and Water Distribution
- Zeta Contacts with Humans
- The Shift in Your Subconscious
- The Zeta-Human Hybrid
- The Earth-Pleiades Connection
- The Hybrid Explorer Race


Chapter 7: The ET in You: Physical Body

- Underground Beings and the Hollow Earth
- Earth Changes, Evacuation
- ET Power Broker Connection
- Cells and the Subconscious
- Your ET Chromosomes


Chapter 8: UFOs and Abductions

- An Overview of the Earth Experiment
- The Zeta Reticulans
- The Hybrid Race
- Abductions by Other ET Races
- Billy Meier Contacts
- Cattle Mutilations
- The Negative Sirians
- Ashtar
- Picking the Contactee: Genetic and Soul Lines
- The Second-Generation Hybrid Race


Chapter 9: The ET in You: Emotion and Thought

- The Heritage of Thought
- The Subconscious
- Being Fully Realized
- Specific Emotions
- Expression vs. Denial


Chapter 10: The Sirian Inheritors of Third-Dimensional Earth

- Background of Negative Sirian–Earth Contacts
- The MIBs, the Vietnam War and Cattle Mutilations
- Dimensions
- Interrogation of a Negative Sirian
- An Overview


Chapter 11: The True Nature of the Grays

- Earth School for ETs
- Negative Sirian Corrupters and the Men in Black
- The Zetas’ True Origin
- The Founders
- Changing Past and Future
- A Treaty with the U.S.
- Underground Tunnels
- Becoming One


Chapter 12: The ET in You: Spirit

- Soul-Braiding
- Multiple Soul-Braids
- Easing into Fourth-Dimensional Expression


Chapter 13: UFO Encounters in Sedona

- Robert Shapiro’s Comments on Joopah’s Transition
- The Sirian Water Vehicle
- Earth Cleansing
- The Testing of Earth’s Hybrid Technology
- Current Human Changes
- The Dolphin Connection, the Role of Sound
- Local Sightings


Chapter 14: Joopah, in Transit, Gives an Overview and Helpful Tools

- A Zeta-Human Hybrid
- New Self-Identity for Both Races
- Technique to Expand Perceptions
- Vertical Time and Visits from Future Lives
- Using Fear As a Tool
- Your Fear’s Polar Opposite
- Imagination
- An Exercise for Imagination
- A Tool for Decision-Making


Chapter 15: Answering Questions in Las Vegas

- Time Travel
- Expansion Exercise
- Excerpts from The Jerry Pippin Show
- About Joopah
- The Network of Planets


Chapter 16: Coming of Age in the Fourth Dimension

- The Uncreation of History
- Manifesting More Easily in Fourth the Dimension
- The Subconscious Mind
- A State of Consciousness
- Life in the Fourth Dimension
- The Dream of Reality
- The Change of Memory
- The Creator Reprogramming the Subconscious Computer


Chapter 17: The True Purpose of Negative Energy

- The Requirement for Pressure
- Humanity: God’s Unresolved Issues
- The Experience of Unconditional Love and Allowance
- Polarity: Choices


Chapter 18: We Must Embrace the Zetas

- The Soul’s Imminent Breach of Contract with God
- Needed: A Fond Memory of What Was
- Current Mass Decisions Profoundly Affect the Future
- The Breakdown of Normal Information Systems
- The Zeta Role
- Joopah’s Role for Zetas and How It Helps Humans
- Creativity Needed for the Cosmic Leap
- Applications of the Genetic Discovery
- Passion: Your Greatest Achievement
- Animals Are Aspects of Mankind’s Potential
- The Status of the Hybrids

Chapter 19: Roswell, ETs and the Shadow Government

Chapter 20: The Order: Its Origin and Resolution

- The Passing of the Order
- The Reawakening
- A Day in the Life of a Novice of the Order
- The Illusion of Hierarchy and Ascension
- The Breaking Point
- The White Brotherhood and Polarity


Chapter 21: The White Brotherhood, Illuminati, New Dawn and Shadow Government

- The Illuminati
- The New Dawn
- The Atlantis Abortion
- The Shadow Government


Chapter 22: The Challenge of Risking Intimacy

- Making Natural Connections
- Curiosity and Secrets As Stimulating Challenges
- The Challenge of Danger
- Substitutes and Alternatives
- You Are the Problem Solvers
- The Rewards of Having Problems: Working at the Creator Level
- Earth: The Ultimate Expression of Source
- New Hope for Growth in the Universe


Chapter 23: Influences of the Zodiac

- Completing the Sagittarius and Capricorn Cycles
- The Missing Signs and Planets
- The End of Zodiacal Influence (Undoing Negative Energy As Harmful)
- An Enigmatic Planet
- Earth in Transformational Space
- Capricorn and Sagittarius Lessons


Chapter 24: Emotion Lost: Sexual Addiction in Zeta History

- The Loop in Time to Uncreate Suffering
- The History of Zeta Reticuli
- Seduction of the Government and a Race Gone Mad
- Elimination of Emotion
- Your Coming Challenges
- Your Reward Is Near: Home
- The Recent Zeta Crisis and the Unneeded Hybrid
- Future Is Past, Time Is Nonlinear
- Overview


Chapter 25: Sex, Love and Relationships

- You Invented Hope and Problem Solving
- Earth’s ET Sexual Heritage
- Your Souls’ Perspective
- The Orgasm and the Immune System
- Romance: A Lesson for Andromeda
- Males and Females: Two Separate Species
- Sex and Kundalini
- Resistance and Growth


Chapter 26: Sexual Violence on Earth

- Child Molestation and Rape
- The Priest and Priestess Prototype
- Male Revenge and Male Fathering
- Negative Energy
- Lemuria and Atlantis


Chapter 27: Moving Beyond the Mind

- Evolving Back to Terra
- The Earth Experiment: A Prolonged Moment of Ignorance
- Understanding the Emotions through Physical Feelings
- Your Second Brain: Instantaneous Communication and Key to Manifestation
- Lessons in Species Creation
- The Ignorance of Many ETs about Your Value
- Speeded-Up Time and Time Travel
- Fourth Dimension: Mind Pushing and Destiny Pulling
- Teaching by Example


Chapter 28: Fulfilling the Creator’s Destiny

- The Creator’s Daughter and the Council of Nine
- The Origin of Lucifer As a Negative Influence
- Earth: The Creator’s Launching Pad to Home
- The Nine
- Earth’s Unique Role and the Value of Ignorance


Chapter 29: Material Mastery and the New Safety

- Your Old Security Systems
- A New Safety
- Breathe the Natural Way and Practice Imagining
- You Help Your Spirits, Not Vice Versa
- Group and Individual Manifestation
- Symptoms of a Collapsed Aura
- The Purpose of Material Mastery


Chapter 30: Etheric Gene Splicing and the Neutral Particle

- Altering Your Auric Genetic Substance
- Helping the Pleiadians
- Helping the Sirians
- Resolving Orion Karma through the Neutral Particle
- Meditation for Neutral Particles
- AIDS: A Laboratory Accident
- Your Role in Resolving the Recent Orion War
- The Effects of Neutral Particles
- Gene Splicing


Chapter 31: The Third Sex: The Neutral Binding Energy

- Society’s Neutral Particle
- The Gift That Binds: A Vehicle to Source
- Sacred Sexuality
- Their Source: Lemurians inside the Planet
- Genetic and Emotional Characteristics
- A Love-Centered Source, More Chakras
- The Lost Tribe, the Missing Link


Chapter 32: ETs: Friend or Foe?

- Reasons for ET Presence
- What “Abductions” Are About
- Your Gift of Ignorance
- Implants, Contracts and Underground Bases
- The 1992 Wormwood Planetoid
- The Negative-Sirian Manipulation
- Advanced Spacecraft and the Orion Men in Black


Chapter 33: ET Presence within Earth and Human Genetics

- The Soul Complex
- Your Extraterrestrial Chromosomes
- Genetics as a Problem-Solver


Chapter 34: The Goddess Energy: The Soul of Creation

- The Priestess Class
- The Lonely, Masculinized Machines
- The Priestess
- The Two Marys
- Jesus’s Daughter, Amma
- Amma and the Essene Sect
- The Goddess Energy within Men
- Mother Earth
- Sexuality
- A Message from Amma


Chapter 35: The Heritage from Early Civilizations

- Early Orion Influence
- Tooonm: Past/Present Underwater Civilization from Sirius
- The Andazi
- The Divine Physical


Chapter 36: Explorer Race Timeline, Part 1

- Atlantis: Individuality and Polarity
- The Early Sirian (Tone) and Andromedan (Ficé) Civilizations
- The Ancient Mineral Civilization
- The ETs in Dimensional Terms
- The Greek Heritage
- Resolving the Conscious Mind


Chapter 37: The Sterilization of Planet Earth


Chapter 38: Explorer Race Timeline, Part 2

- The Sirius Escapees
- Andromedans Welcomed by the Sirians
- Arctureans Brought Accelerated Change
- The Astrological Civilizations
- The Orions Contributed Survival Energy
- The Pleiadians, the Last Major Influence
- Origins of Certain Earth Races
- The Last 2.5 Million Years
- The Human Soul Line
- The Zetas of the Present
- Back to the Beginning
- The Mayan Legacy
- The Future Sirian Inheritors


Chapter 39: An Andromedan Perspective on the Earth Experiment

- The Story of Our Involvement
- Your Mental Functions
- Jehovah’s Blind Spot and Lucifer’s Anger


Chapter 40: The Twelfth Planet: Return of the Heart Energy

- The Heart Energy from Orion
- The Andromedan Mentality
- Male Energy from Present Orion
- The Next Nine Years
- Connecting with Heart Energy


Chapter 41: The Perspective of Orion Past on Their Role

- The Initial Contribution and Recent Monitors
- Orion Earth Monitors Past and Present


Chapter 42: Retrieving Heart Energy

- Meditation on the Heart Love
- Using This Energy
- Generate Heat in the Heart, Visit the Silver Sphere
- Jesus and Mary Magdalene
- Exploring and Recording the Extremes of Polarity


Chapter 43: Origin of the Species: A Sirian Perception

- The Angelics
- Sirians’ Need for External Control vs. the Law of Allowance
- Honoring Both Heritages
- The Original Sirians Still Present
- The Wormwood Vehicle
- Definitions
- The Soul’s Dimensional Expressions
- Relationship to Other Dimensions
- Conceptualizing the Founders


Chapter 44: The Eleventh Planet: The Undoer, Key to Transformation

- Jupiter Collisions: The Countdown Begins
- Prefragmentation Symptoms and the Collisions
- Interference from a Parallel Universe
- The Uncreation of the Shadow Universe
- Remnants of Maldek
- Protective Measures against the Destructor


Chapter 45: Creating a Benevolent Future

- A Common Fifties Visit to a Spaceship
- The Urge to Expect Benevolence
- This Is the Not-So-Benevolent Future
- Changing the Future
- Stop Imagining Negative Scenarios
- Future Visions
- Transformative Golden Light
- Meditation to Anchor Benevolent Energy


Chapter 46: Bringing the Babies Home

- The Hybrid Experiment
- Two Groups of Babies
- The Third, Hybrid Mother Race
- A New Purpose for the Race of Human Babies
- Physical Variations
- Other Zeta Activities


Chapter 47: The Creator’s Mission and the Function of the Human Race

- The Creator’s Gift: The Veil of Ignorance
- The Origin of the Creator
- Individuality and Separation
- The Veils
- Discovering Something New, Becoming the Pulse of Life Itself
- Future Events and the Loosening Veil
- You Will Become Magicians
- The Creator’s Interference Will Decrease


Chapter 48: Roswell, ETs and the Shadow Government

- A Pleiadian Project of the Forties and Fifties
- Agents of the Shadow Government
- An Arcturian Relation


Chapter 49: The Experiment That Failed

- An Ancient Feminine Experiment
- Your Job: Disturb ET Civilizations
- ET Culture Is in ET Genetics
- How Females Can Genetically Access Knowledge
- The Feminine Race in Inner Earth
- Your Expanding Genetic Coding and Soul Force


Chapter 50: Conversation with a Zeta

- Zetas on Earth
- Mars Mysteries As Enticements
- Readying You for Your Future
- Your Current Physical Changes
- Earth Humans on Zeta Reticuli
- Changing the Past, Thereby the Present and Future: Becoming Fully Conscious


Chapter 51: Origin of the Species: A Sirian Perception


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