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Year: 2016
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Our civilization is now entering the next stage of preparation for extraterrestrial contact! Bashar shares new information about disclosure, the fall of 2016 and The Precursors, the intermediary beings that are visiting us to aid in our transition.

Session Name : The Precursors
Session Date : 1-10-2016
Session Location : New York, NY
Session Length : 4 Hours

Q and A Includes :

?As human beings, before we come to this life do we come with a preset path?
2 - When I was a child I was taken into a cave somewhere deep in the ocean and there was a bright light that seemed to be Mother Earth.
Is there anything you can tell me about that?
3 - My son keeps seeing the number 1.
Every time he turns around the clock says 1:11.
What does that mean?
4 - A couple of years ago I decided I was going to commit suicide.
I was doing really bad, and your transmissions helped me.
I have problems with my physical appearance.
As I?m becoming who I really want to be, sometimes I become aware of when I?m in a parallel reality that I don?t want to be.
When something comes up, I?ve heard you say that emotion equals energy in motion.
So if the fear comes up?
5 - Can you explain what happened in Atlantis?
6 - Do you have any Atlantean ties?
7 - Same question about the Orions.
Do you have Orion ties as well?
8 - Was I part of the Black League?
9 - Why does the oversoul keep having experiences on Earth?
10 - Since everything is here and now you can actually change your story here and now, which would affect the past and future?
11 - Since you don?t have names on your planet, how do you know who you?re talking to?
12 - Do civilizations on other star systems still have a zodiac system?
13 - Is that a unique thing to Earth?
14 - I understand how everything?s happening all at once.
But I don?t really understand how that?s possible.
How is it possible that 5,000 years ago is happening right now also?
15 - Sometimes when I?m really focusing on one particular thing, and I don?t get that, it?s not what I need, right?
16 - Are there any extraterrestrials that don?t have any questions, or any beings?
17 - Like do plants have questions?
18 - Where did the first negative belief come from?
19 - How do we love ourselves if we are one?
20 - Is our body is a dense energy field?
21 - What happens after the body goes away?
22 - Where does excitement come in, and how does that translate into the physical world?
23 - I often feel very different from the rest of the people that I meet.
When I do certain meditative or energy-moving exercises I feel cold.
My temperature drops a bit.
Could you tell me about non-duality?
24 - I know that I was part of the hybridization project.
I don?t recall any of it.
Could you possibly tell me what was being said to me?
25 - I saw a blue ship in the northwest.
Was that Sassani?
26 - My son has been in a coma for almost six years.
Could you explain to me why this is happening?
27 - What?s his awareness in the coma?
28 - Are we going to have lights over New York City, DC, LA at the same time?
29 - I met two of my hybrid children on board a ship.
It was an amazing experience.
What is the next step for me to fulfill my role as an ambassador?
30 - As we?re moving through different frequencies and parallel realities, what is the best approach for our family members here on Earth that are on different frequencies?
31 - I had what I think was an out-of-body experience.
What was I doing that I tapped into that?
32 - Obviously I did the meditation.
Can you talk about any parallel incarnations I have where the themes might have repeated, or any recurring themes I might have explored?
33 - Can you could talk a little bit about origin of the merkabah and how merkabahs come into play with the changes that are occurring here on Earth.
There?s been a lot of debate on the internet over the last year or 18 months having to do with a heliocentric version and geocentric version of the Earth.
What are your thoughts on this?
34 - Let me ask you about a film that came out a couple of years ago called The Principle.
How does that square?
35 - There?s a gentleman who?s filmed an actual lunar wave where a ripple goes across the Moon.
What causes the ripples?
36 - I know you spoke about the changes of 2016.
Since you mentioned 2012 as the threshold to things becoming more positive, overall is this a positive change, from what you see?
37 - Why can?t people measure the curvature of the Earth right now?
38 - Can you comment on the Earth speaking to us.
Can you talk about nightmares and dream memories?
39 - Is there any chance that our spirit beings are in the wrong physical place?
40 - Do you have a choice of getting out of one place and going to a different place?
41 - I have been visited by a lot of creations from other places my entire life, but lately they?ve been very powerful, overwhelming.
Can you help me?
42 - Is there a way to ease an anxiety attack?
43 - The negativity around my grandchildren is not what I wanted for them.
Can you talk more about the Precursors?
44 - When I see them in a store and I cross the aisles and there they are again, do I shake their hand?
45 - Get excited?
46 - Or just enjoy that they?re checking on me?
47 - Are there any Precursors in this room?
48 - What about Fairfield, Connecticut?
49 - Would I be able to identify them?
50 - Is there any significance to 10/2/19?You said as we talk to you we?re talking to an audience as well.
Who is in today?s audience?
51 - When we speak with you and your collective in our own private meditation, do we have that audience too?
52 - I do work with Pleiadian guides, and I?ve started working with Pleiadian dolphin brain repatterning.
I got this Sirius crystal.
First of all can you tell me is it Austrian crystal?
53 - What is your relationship to the Reptilians and Greys?
54 - What?s up with Trump?
55 - Many people are in New York City to follow their excitement.
How do you read the density of this place in its progression in consciousness?
56 - Can you talk about the levels of reality that New York exists on?
57 - What makes it so intense here, so amplified?
58 - The Precursors seem like a new concept.
Is there a progression to the type of entities that are showing up?
59 - What comes after the Precursors?
60 - When everyone on the planets at their highest excitement, is that the time of contact?
61 - Is talking to us right now your highest excitement?
62 - What is so exciting about talking to us?
63 - And what have you learned today?
64 - I was wondering if there?s a time-travel machine that can be built.
Can you explain about the splitting timelines and alternate realities?
65 - About the fall of 2016, how can we increase our collective consciousness?
66 - Is there anything coming up that will affect New York City?
67 - How close are we to having a healing chamber that will cure all illness and even re-grow body parts?
68 - Isn?t that what the Rife machine is doing?
69 - What is the likelihood of an economic crash in China this year?
70 - When will the US government give full disclosure?
71 - What cities in the US are set to be cities of light and anchor the new Earth?
72 - Where exactly is your ship hovering over in Sedona?
73 - How can I strengthen my intuition so I more easily pass my exams?
74 - When you?re channeling right now, what kind of frequency level are you talking about?
75 - When we?re sitting here listening to you, what is the frequency that you?re expressing?
76 - Is there anything you can think of, like a symbol, that we interpret in one way but looks different from your level?
77 - If we raised our frequency we might be able to receive more information from what you?re doing right now?
78 - I know that New York has had their share of experiences, and certainly 9/11 was a big one.
How can they perceive 9/11 in a way that is described just as you did?
79 - What is the meaning of the symbols on your family crest?
80 - How can I approach the expansion of my freedom, being an illegal person in this country at this moment?
81 - What if my excitement is to continue to live in this country, close to my kids, my family, my friends?
82 - I have a connection with my amazing hybrid children.
Do you have anything to say about it?
83 - After taking a picture of the full moon, I saw a huge light.
Then I saw the picture, and it was four little points, different colors ? blue, red, white, and green.
Can you tell me something about that experience?
84 - Is world peace achievable in my lifetime?
85 - What?s your take on doppelgangers?
86 - Can you talk about soul mates, soul groups, soul families?
Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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