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Year: 2017
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Bashar teaches us how to redefine the limiting concepts that keep us from manifesting what we desire and what best serves us in life.

Take the path of least resistance and align with your true self in 'The Manifestation Space.

Session Name : The Manifestation Space
Session Date : 8-7-2017
Session Location : San Francisco, CA
Session Length : 4 Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - Why do I keep manifesting physical illness despite feeling my best mentally?
2 - What permission slips can I use to help me start my business? Bashar speaks on guilt.

3 - Has our reincarnation process come to an end?
4 - Does not eating meat raise your frequency?
5 - Can I revoke my karmic debt?
6 - Can clearing my soul contracts increase my financial abundance?
7 - Are there zombies among us?
8 - How can I create healing music more powerfully?
9 - Is there a civilization in a parallel reality where music is the main focus?
10 - How many negative beliefs do I have?
11 - I have been experiencing a lot of kundalini body shakes.
Can you comment?
12 - Can we return to oneness?
13 - How can we process the pain of letting go?
14 - Is it dangerous to mix ayahuasca with the kundalini energy I am feeling in my system?
15 - Did I do wrong to my ex in a past life which is causing her to do the same to me in this life?
16 - Could you elaborate on when you say 'life is inherently meaningless?'
17 - How can I help victims of rape and sexual violence? Bashar speaks on victimhood.

18 - Can you speak on genders?
19 - Does the experience of sexual ecstasy between 2 people require a polarity of genders?
20 - I used to see entities when I was a child but it stopped.
21 - When you speak of 'becoming human' do you mean becoming an enlightened being?
22 - Can you beam me up Bashar?
23 - How can I interact more with species from another civilization?
24 - Do Thoth and the Emerald tablets exist?
25 - What did they mean by 'Gods at war' in the Bhagavad Gita?
26 - Why were the Pyramids made?
27 - Can we meet for coffee Bashar?
28 - How can I get over my anxiety?
29 - Does the universe protect animals and children when they?re abused?
30 - How does The Manifestation Space relate to parallax?
31 - How can one access the template reality?
32 - Does physical reality cease to exist at 200 kHz?
33 - Do you have a message for me from my guides?
34 - Do you have any messages from my future children?
35 - What is there to learn after acting on our highest excitement as humans?
36 - How can I interact with you more directly?
37 - Are drugs used in festival cultures a crutch?
38 - What are the significances of eclipses?
39 - What is your take on Apasana? (10 day meditation) Bashar speaks on permission slips.

40 - I feel stuck! Can you help?
41 - The pollution in the vast ocean makes me feel overwhelmed.
How can I redefine this?
42 - I have been experiencing debilitating pain for the past 16 years and I?m done.
I want it to be healed! Can you help?
43 - I channel 'The Language of Light' but I don?t know what to think about it.
Can you tell me more?
44 - Are the entities that are met in a past life regression therapy session usually aspects of the same oversoul?
45 - Can I manifest a unicorn in my reality?
46 - Could you guide me on a health issue? Bashar speaks on detoxing and breaking things down into manageable steps.

47 - How can I tell the difference between fear and intuition?
48 - Will cryptocurrency be a replacement for our current economic system?
49 - While studying I am forgetting things that I learned.
50 - Is DNA an interface between the soul level and the physical level?
51 - How long after death does it take the body and the soul connection to separate?
52 - If you are focusing on manifesting something in particular, isn?t that already an expectation?
53 - Does it increase manifestation by telling yourself 'this imagined scenario is real'?
54 - Are you gamma plus?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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