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Year: 2018
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As the time of transformation intensifies, Bashar introduces a new permission slip for us to apply.
In this exciting new session, Bashar shows us how to mine our negative beliefs, and convert that negativity into positive results in our lives.
This transmission goes in depth with a new process for the idea of discovering and transforming your negative beliefs.
Transmuting your darkness into light makes extraterrestrial and higher-dimensional contact more likely, by raising your vibration to match.

This is a fun new way to create a magical life, one that feels as different as stepping out of the shadow and into the sunlight.

Session Name : Stepping From The Shadows
Session Date : 14-4-2018
Session Location : San Francisco, CA
Session Length : 3 Hours 45 Min

Q and A Includes :

1 - I feel like social media is keeping us isolated.
How will technology help society connect with others in the future?
2 - Can time be compressed?
3 - If everything exists now, is there such a thing as a new experience?
4 - What about emotions? Do they all exist here and now?
5 - How can we use the mechanism of 'What would I have to believe is true?' to overcome a physical ailment?
6 - Could you speak more on 'multiple personality order'?
7 - Am I part of the 'Intergalactic Introduction'?
8 - Are we getting close to ascension?
9 - What is the highest potential for the human experience?
10 - Are you able to see different energies in the room like in our astrology chart?
11 - Are past lives more of a fable than true?
12 - Was I my partner?s mother in a past life?
13 - Help I can?t find my excitement!
14 - Can I make contact with galactic beings in Sedona?
15 - Are the channeled messages I am receiving valid?
16 - How can I integrate my experiences of the hybridization program?
17 - Could you speak more on the emotional body?
18 - What were the tablets that Moses received made of and where are they now?
19 - Were the ETs that gave us the tablets the ones responsible for The Jews being in the desert for 40 years and the parting of the Red Sea?
20 - Was / is there life on Mars?
21 - Could you speak on the Mothman and the Chupacabra?
22 - Will we be working more with nature spirits in the distant future?
23 - Is the Loch Ness monster a dinosaur?
24 - Would telling a different story heal the past sufferings of African Americans?
25 - Do you have any messages for us from our unborn children?
26 - Can Ho?oponopon be used to heal the body?
27 - Is the sun a simulation?
28 - Does karma come from another life?
29 - Were the three angels that I saw in a vision ETs?
30 - Do I have a blue skinned hybrid child?
31 - What is your response to the statement 'I don?t believe in negative beliefs'?
32 - Is there a correlation between a negative belief and a specific illness?
33 - What about genetics does that play a role in illnesses?
34 - How can what we define as what we don?t prefer, the negative, as equally valid as the positive?
35 - Do you speak to us linearly?
36 - What do cats see and why do they purr?
37 - Are there civilizations related to cats? higher selves?
38 - How can I stop 'killing time'?
39 - What is your definition of tendencies?
40 - Lately in my meditations I have been seeing a pyramid with light coming out of it.
What does that represent?
41 - What actually happens in the process of a permission slip ritual? Bashar shares a riddle.

42 - Could you tell me more about my personal guardian angels?
43 - What is your definition of love?
44 - What are angels?
45 - Is Reiki a permission slip?
46 - What can we look forward to as we release belief systems that no longer serve us?
47 - If I have everything I need, will this make me not do anything?
48 - What do you have to say about setting goals?
49 - Is there such a thing as right or wrong?
50 - How can we balance the mind and the heart?
51 - Can you speak more on utopian societies?
52 - How can I imbue my intentions into a water permission slip?
53 - My father is a life-long scientologist.
Will he ever break free?
54 - Can you comment on the indigenous people of Mexico?
55 - Are dragons real?
56 - What about Unicorns?
57 - What?s your take on Harry Potter?
58 - How can I make peace with chaos?
59 - Am I ready to become a breatharian?
60 - How can we use virtual reality for an educational and entertainment tool?
61 - Could you comment on G?bekli Tepe?
62 - Are vitamins a permission slip?
63 - Are there other realities where you are talking to us?
64 - How can I use my painful childhood experiences for a positive result?
65 - How can I get my family to believe in my 'past life' connections.

66 - When will someone special come into my life?
67 - How can I make sense of my choices that I made from spirit to experience a very difficult childhood?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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