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Year: 2016
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Join Bashar for this very special Father?s Day transmission from his own father, the master contact specialist who trained him.
This rare session includes a State of the Union speech that is not to be missed!

Session Name : State Of The Union
Session Date : 19-6-2016
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA
Session Length : 2 Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - How long is the average life span in your society in Earth years?
2 - Is there a passing or not?
3 - How long has your civilization been in existence?
4 - As I understand how humans on Earth have evolved, during Atlantean times we have destroyed ourselves more than once.
Is this correct?
5 - Did we attract that, or Mother Earth?
6 - How did your people get to the state where you didn?t destroy yourselves, and how can we learn from that?
7 - Are there animals, pets on your planet?
8 - Will we humans ever get an opportunity to come and visit your planet Where do we sign up?
9 - Would your contact with Earth be considered a voluntary colonization?
10 - Do you foresee air travel from the United States to Europe, for example, being hindered in the next few months because of a cataclysmic event that could occur?
11 - Could you please tell me about the extraterrestrial lineages that I have?
12 - I have been getting marks on my body the last couple of years on the palms of my hands, red and green dots in perfect patterns.
What are they and what is the nature of them?
13 - Am I part of the hybridization program?
14 - Do I have an implant?
15 - Who am I getting assistance from?
16 - Is the personality infinite?
17 - Will I be able to recognize my father on my next level?
18 - I had a strange experience while smoking cannabis.
What was it?
19 - With respect to Willa Hillicrissing, she?s 700 years in the future.
Does that mean that Darryl will experience himself as her in linear time?
20 - Are the Ya'yel helping with the hybrid children?
21 - Do the children have Ya'yel DNA?
22 - I?m concerned about the probable terrorist attack you mentioned?
23 - Why do you want to help us What?s the benefit for you?
24 - Was my mom an extraterrestrial?
25 - Do you have any games that you?d like to share?
26 - I saw a flashback or a d?j? vu where there were three spots, like a triangle in the sky.
And it was changing its location very fast.
I was just wondering what it was?
27 - At this point, how has your interaction with us changed our planet?
28 - There have been times where I feel physically pregnant.
Has that happened?
29 - Sometimes I see a blue light.
What is that?
30 - Can I get a name for my hybrids that will help me connect?
31 - Can you talk about the drought in California?
32 - How do you interact with Darryl, telepathically?
33 - Do you collectively come up with your agendas and what you want to speak of?
34 - What are your thoughts on L.
Ron Hubbard and Scientology?
35 - As a teenager, I had vivid dreams of being pregnant when there was no way I could be.
Was this related to the hybridization agenda?
36 - Where should I move to?
37 - You say the universe contains positive and negative, and we can choose to give things whatever meaning we want.
Is it enough to just recognize that the negative exists?
38 - Or does All That Is require that somebody experience the negative experiences?
39 - Does that mean that by definition all of those negative experiences will also be experienced by someone, somewhere?
40 - How can I be happy knowing that other people have to suffer?
41 - If our soul is unconditional love, why did we choose a life with evil, murder, and darkness?
42 - What?s the benefit?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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