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As the first step (ET-Healing Practitioner) is like a phase of familiarization, recognition, remembrance and reconnection.
Getting to know 'them' and at the same time connect to our true essence, our true self.
Connect with worlds that are different from what we are used to in our daily reality. 
In this second phase we learn new perspectives on mastering who we are, how we manifest our reality, what healing really is, and how we can connect with beings from other worlds and co-create energy fields in which healing manifests itself.

1. The path of Mastery

There is no translation available.

Joël - the being from Sirius that guides Jacqueline - mentioned, that if we really want to experience our own unique power, to live it and be free in our choices of expression, then we have to let go of "masters outside of us" in order to find our own mastery within.
He revealed that for this reason we will always attract situations of breakups with institutions and leaders, because we have chosen to be pioneers in this life.

2. Axiatonal Alignment Work

There is no translation available.

In this section, we will take you into the depths, both in understanding and practicing, of a very special way of activating the Light Body and the multidimensional layers of our DNA by working with Axiational Alignment of which the Reconnection is a well-known variant and offer a historical overview of the development of Axiatonal Alignment as a instrument of activation.

3. Stargate Work

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The Stargate is a Sacred Geometric structure that holds a vast consciousness and acts as an interdimensional portal/doorway. It holds a powerful high frequency energy field that allows healing on all levels as a result of activating our multidimensional DNA, and in which the awakening of your psychic abilities and our higher self-consciousness can take place.

4. Themes and Topics

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Healing is essentially a search for the way back to your natural self (not the 'normal' self !!!) and therefore can never be separated from the process of awareness.
The only reason why 'our system' shows a dysfunction at a certain level is because we have not been able to perceive the dysfunction on other levels or have not been able to integrate the messages.

5. Recommended Reading

There is no translation available.

For an even deeper dive into the subject matter of this course, here is a list of very special material that has helped us tremendously to have come to an even better understanding of working with Axiatonal Alignment and the Stargate.

A comprehensive and interesting list of recommended books, documentaries, videos and audios.

6. Forms and Stuff

There is no translation available.

This section of the syllabus contains forms for the portfolio and blank drawings for exercising with the various points and lines of Axiatonal Alignment.




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