Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.

I desire to define my dedication to detachment

The power of this 'mantra' is given to mankind by Bashar as part of Bashar's Transformative Shifting Exercises and more insights are coming when you understand the keywords from end to beginning.
Detachment is a form of disconnection ... the reason why we seem to be 'stuck' in our reality and not making quantum leaps is because we are hooking ourselves up energetically.

Meeting Us Half Way

ET-Contact : Meeting Us Half Way

So many times we get the question : "When are the ET's finally going to show up ? I am ready !"
Our personal guides have mentioned several times that as soon as we are ready in terms of handling their vibration (and for them to handle ours as well) open contact will occur.  So what our guides and many other channels are actually mentioning all the time is basically two things ...

From Reaction to Creation

From Reaction to Creation ... do you "C" it ?

Nothing has a build in meaning, until we give it meaning. No experience has any meaning of its own. They are neutral. We assign a meaning to it, project a meaning to it and this goes so quickly and automatically that we are not even aware of it and think that the situation automatically carries the meaning we give it, but nothing is further from the truth ...


The Bigger Picture

Years ago we asked our guides where 'this' is going. And the answer was 'as far as you want to go'.  Our mind didn't really think of it as an answer at that time, but the energy that came with this answer gave us a strong sense of a huge event that is unfolding and in which we have our part, or task, along with a lot of others. Many others here both on Earth and beyond the Earth.


Being with the Beings

The How and the Why of ET-Contact - Part 2

In the book - Being with the Beings; The How and the Why of ET Contact - written by Miguel Mendonca, several questions are asked to people about their contact with extraterrestrial beings (ET's) or Multidimensional beings.
And like Jacqueline, more and more people are becoming aware of their connections with extraterrestrial civilizations and their soul contract with one or more extraterrestrial beings to exchange information that can serve each other's lives in other realities.


Axiatonal Alignment

For us, Axiatonal Alignment, of which the Reconnection is a well-known example, is like sacred work, and in our experience it should also be considered from this perspective.
Those who guide this process for others must ensure that the work is done from the highest possible level of consciousness, and from a place of total integrity.


The Keys of Enoch - J.J. Hurtak

In this extraordinarily mind-blowing work, first published in 1977, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, Dr. James Joachim Hurtak PhD. PhD. 64 "keys" for human transformation and Light Body activation.
The Keys of Enoch is a 600-page book containing spiritual-scientific teachings from two higher Teachers of Universal Intelligence named "Enoch" and "Metatron."


Brief History of Meridians, Axiatonal Alignment and the Lightbody

Thanks to the incredible important work of J.J. Hurtak and the work of the Reconnection, more and more information is becoming available about Light Body activation and Axiatonal Alignment.
And although it all seems new, humanity has known about the presence of the energy body and its connection to the cosmos for centuries.

X3, Healing Entities and Aliens - Adrian Dvir

Beings from Other Worlds

Strange shadowy figures began to appear in Chaya’s home throughout the year 1994. They explained politely that they were aliens from another universe, outside our own universe and they asked her permission to build a hospital for the purpose of treating human beings adjacent to her home. Chaya answered that she is neither a doctor nor is she certified to open a hospital.

Spiritual Evolution and Detoxing Your Body

Spiritual Evolution and Detoxing Your Body

In this time of tremendous spiritual evolution, a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual patterns are being released. But note that the physical body also needs to be detoxed in order to allow all spiritual energies to flow in achieving the Totality of One. Detoxification removes toxins and trapped energy from emotions, beliefs and thoughts, allowing cleansing on all levels - body, mind and soul.

The Cosmic Serpent

The Cosmic Serpent

West Woodhay Down, Wiltshire : 29th July 2011

Spread over 11 tramlines with 29 circles forming the body of the snake ... The number 29 is the key to this formation, adding 2+9 we get 11 ... which is a master number ... Awakening to Oneness !
It's one of the largest crop circles ever seen in England. The symbolism of the Cosmic Serpent, the DNA Activation and the Kundalini Awakening of the Earth stand out ...

Triquetra - Triple A


Since the beginning of 2016, Ezra'el has regularly indicated that humanity is on its way to its 'triple A status', a status of expression of its own Authenticity, its own Authority and its own Autonomy.
In the business world, the term 'triple-A' is an indication of credit rating or reliability.
Our guides (and extraterrestrials in general) do like humour and often make puns in order to keep their messages easily understandable, but the question is "What does Ezra'el actually mean?

The Structure of Existence

The Structure of Existence

After the film premiere of the 'Bashar' documentary 'First Contact' in the film theatre Fraterhuis in Zwolle (Netherlands) we organized on 7 January 2017, many people asked us "what are these Universal Laws that Bashar was talking about?".  We have taken this as an opportunity to go through these Universal Laws again and add some more elaborated 'Bashar' material.

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